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  1. Whenever I get high, if there's something that I like, I twitch my legs and shit. I don't laugh, I just twitch. My friends think it's funny, so they laugh, and then I twitch again. Anybody do anything weird like that when high?
  2. is your nickname smokey by any chance?
  3. No, people either call me Gooseman or The Lizard King, never been called smokey. Why do you ask?
  4. lmao :hello:

  5. like that movie friday.
  6. Never seen it, I guess I might have to just to see if I need a new nickname. When I twitch, it's like if you wake up from a dream when you're falling, and you jerk your body to stop yourself. You guys have to know what I'm talking about.
  7. dude i get the same thing only i get those little tiny muscle spasms on my face and shit. only happens when ive been smoking alot regularly, its so fuckin annoying tho!!! i get them on my upper lip and eyebrow its so fucked up. hasnt happened for a while tho
  8. Watup Tweak?

    One of my buds used to twitch and shit when we'd smoke really dank ganja, but we just called him a crack head

  9. sounds like ur really high...u stop paying attention to shit...and then u snap back into rl or some shit and u just have a bad habit of twitching when u come back :p
    o and i sometimes blup out random words that have nothing to do w/ what im thinking about/ doing at the time when im high. its funny haha
  10. I used to twitch also, it goes away.
  11. i used to do it too, kind of embarassing. it seemed to only happen around other people
  12. Some form of tourette's?
  13. I twitch sometimes if I'm in a stressful environment when I smoke

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