twisting leaves IN MY BUDS??

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  1. hey guys!!

    i'm new to grass city and starting my first grow (on my own) with 6 Sour Deisel clones and 1 mother plant.

    a quick overview -- i'm using Fox Farm soil in 5gal smartpots. Water is RO, balanced at 7.0 with dynagrow nutes once every 3 days, cal mag in between, and fresh water every day for flushing and keeping temperatures cool. they're sitting around a pond where they get a cool breeze and lots of sunlight.

    one plant started budding early, its been looking really good, sitting about 2 1/2 ft tall... but just recently started doing this weird twisting leaf thing in between my top buds. i'm not sure if this is just the plant filling out or if something went wrong? its about 5 weeks into flower and it just started doing this a couple days ago.

    pleeeease helpppp!!! i've show this picture to a few more experienced growers and all of them say its a little bit odd but just wait it out and see. 

    any info is much appreciated  :) thanks guys!!

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  2. Looks like a pH issue to me.  pH should be closer to 6.5, not 7.0.
  3. We as growers are seeing more and more twisting and weired stuff out of these 'new' strains, perhaps as a result of so many in breeds, but like your buddies I'd wait for more info at this stage, do hold back from flushing daily, and way to chemicals IMO
  4. awesommmmme. good info thank you. i think were going to eliminate the calmag for a little bit and see what happens... especially since there is some already in the bloom formula.
    my bad -- i meant our R/O water is 7... we balance it down to a really light green :)
    i did a tonnn of reading today and found that my plant is in a re-vegging cycle? possibly caused by light leaks?  :confused:  i'm going to do some more research but again, any help is appreciated!! 

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