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Twisting a Joint?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Snikkity Flip, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, been smoking for awhile now but always either somebody else rolled or i just pack a bowl. So i decided to attempt rolling for once. Its.. sorta alright i guess. But my real question is since it was kinda loose i decided to twist the whole thing up and its nice and tight now. Is this alright or will it burn funny or something? If a pic is needed i guess i can upload one. thanks :wave:
  2. Upload a picture
  3. Might cause a few runs. If it does, just dab a little bit of spit where it's running, and it will stop.
  4. it might pull or burn akward not that big of a promlem tho
  5. Dad just walked in while taking a picture and took it. Of course.:cry:
  6. .............

    Shitty. :p
  7. Rofl, fail thread :D
  8. Did your dad tell you he was going to the "store"? :smoke:
  9. he just said "hope its good" and walked away. hahaha
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Ive had some embarrasing joint rolling attempts. Basically when im done with my attempt i have a crumbled up piece of rolling paper with holes in it and weed all over the table :(
  12. dude kinda looks like him too. :eek:
  13. Ask him later if it burned ok :wave:.
  14. ahahaha i think i will.
  15. I thought you got the joint back!
  16. Someones Dad just scored a sesh lol... Hopefully it was a shitty roll and it burns bad lol

  17. hahaha hopefully i accidentally slipped a seed in there :cool:
  18. That's just why I stick to bowlssss :laughing:
  19. Lol since it was your first roll hopefully it was loose and will go up in flames. I woulda just smoked it with him
  20. lol thats great ur dad took it u shouldve lace it with crack... jk :smoke:

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