Twisted Purple OG Kush & CannaSutra By Chaotic

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by XchaoticmetalX, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. I just germed & planted some Twisted Purple OG Kush seeds by Elite Genetics & CannaSutra by Delta 9 Labs. The CannaSutra is about a week ahead of the Kush, so I have some pix of them. Enjoy.:D

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  2. Ill be watching man your always growing some
    serious chronic!

  3. nice good luck hope u will give us some pic´s when they are grown up :)
  4. Oh yeah, this twisted purple og kush is going to be killer. I am looking for a breeding pair as well. If all goes well I will have some ass kickin crosses in the next year. The pic below is of the Twisted- not by me.

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