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  1. hello i m having a big bud regular in day 19 from seedling and 3-4 days now some of the higher leaves are smole and twisted.
    i have good temperatures 68(light off) 75-76(lights on). 1-85watt cfl 2700k 1-85watt cfl 6400. I have also good ventilation. I m watering every 5 days for 300ml and the last two times i used: the first time 0.1 ml rootjuice and the second 0.15ml rootjuice and 0.15ml biogrow.
    I use distiled water with ph 6.5-6.8.
    Any idea why are the leaves twisted?

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  2. check runoff ph.

    also, could be rootbound
  3. get some calmag
  4. rootbound? what's rootbound?
    where can i find cal mag?
  5. also i have another plant and i m watering with the same water-nuts and it s fine..I have the two plants in diffrent grow room.So i thing that its not the ph.Something else..but what?
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    I had similar issues to fix it I did.....

    Make sure your not watering too much or too little. I do the finger poke method in the first few inchs of soil.
    Water flush incase my nutes were too high.
    Repotted into a larger pot.

    4 days later the plant took off growing and the twisted, curling leaves were gone.
    Also when i repotted it was somewhat rootbound, I used my hands and broke a bunch of the smaller roots towards the outside to stimulate new growth. When I say a bunch I dont mean like 50% of the roots, I did it sparsely to the outer dirt, enough I could feel them breaking but not too many that it would hurt the plant.
  7. should i watering till water comes out from the holes of the pot?Because i never water so much.It's only 20 days living..
  8. I water mine with 3 16oz water bottles which just barely lets water come out the bottom. My pots do not sit in a tray, so any excess water drains away.

    I always water in stages, one cup around the edges, one cup closer in and one cup all around the stem.

    So I would suggest you water until it comes out the bottom but do not let it sit in water.
  9. [quote name='"jefreymineiko"']

    should i watering till water comes out from the holes of the pot?Because i never water so much.It's only 20 days living..[/quote] want about 20% run off each time you water.

  10. i think too that its may be from low watering.

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