twisted/curled leaves

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by kc36, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. I couldnt remember is this becuase of heat (lack of circulation) or the lights being too close?

    the leaves on my plant nearv the top are begining to twist and curl up, they look ok in colour and are still "meaty" and alive.
  2. Hi, ive come across this as well i thought iw was from maybe heat exess (sp?) but after a day they grew out and werent twisted no more, is this happening to only 1 plant? if so give it a day or two and see if it just straightens out :p
  3. if it doesnt ???
    ive got one thats been like that for weeks now .. perfectly healthy .. no yellowing or ANYTHING else just those leaves that look like re-veg leaves....
  4. Twisting can occur for a couple of reasons
    1. Wrong PH
    2. Excess nutrients can start to curl or twist the leaves
    I don't think heat stress would necessarily twist them; this would start to brown them out and maybe cause the margins to curl up. Do you have any pictures? Sometimes curling of the leaves will happen on a plant that is healthy and it is no big deal.
  5. Sounds to me as if its over watering.. are they curling down, kinda drooping?

    Ive had this, perfectly green and healthy looking but kinda twisting down and drooping .. could also say they were a bit crispy to touch ?

    From what i understand you need to flush the soild through with clean fresh water, this process drags fresh air into the soil qand gets rid of the old mingy water.. you wanna flush about a litre of water through.. i bet you find the water that comes out is a horrible colour!
  6. If it is over watered, the last thing you want to do is flush it with more water. But since he has not gotten back to us I guess we will never know.

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