Twisted and stunted new growth?

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    Hey, I'm having problems with one of my plants, other one is doing great and is like double in size. I was thinking maybe its just growing on slower pace, but today I noticed the twisted new growth and I'm wondering what it could be? I topped it 3 days ago (as I did for the other one with no issues). Also watered today for the first time with nutrients (Bio-Bizz Grow) and noticed weird smell coming from the runoff water or soil. Is it because of the nutrients or could it be possibly be root rot?

    Using Bio-Bizz All-mix as soil. Temps around 30-34C, humidity 32%


  2. Sounds like a pH issue. Did you pH your feed? If so, what pH was it? And what pH were you watering at before?

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  3. 30c-34c is rather hot ive had herms in them temps twisted new growth can be pest damage ph issues mutations excessive and prolonged high temps humidity issues the pic isnt working for me to see it
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  4. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I always do. pH around 6-6.5. But even if it would be that, how come it didn't affect the other plant at all?
  5. Sorry, seems like they got deleted, you should see them now again. Any idea how could I lower the temps? The other plant looks healthy so not sure if temps the reason but I'm just a beginner so I don't know haha. I'm gonna check for any pests soon.
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  6. check for pests as you say rule that out you can leave flaps and doors open all through veg a couple of fans should help also with hybrids they do grow mutations sometimes in twisting like that ime they grow out of it once in flower
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  7. Your pics don’t show up in a supported format. Heat will twist new growth. So will root problems and bugs. Can you dig some soil out of the root zone and mix with an equal amount of distilled or neutral (7ph) water. Check ppms and ph of the mixture after setting for 5 minutes and stirred again. Low ph in rootzone could be sign of rot. High ppms in soil could be beginning of lockout.

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    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I can check the pH of root zone, but unfortunately I don't have anything to check ppms. Could it be root related since the stunted growth aswell?

    edit: tried to link the pics but they showed up the same way. I could send you link via pm if you'd like to take a look
  9. If your using a file sharing site to upload pics, just remove the http://

    It should start with www.

    That’s how we post amazon links too

    I’d really need to see the plant before making any guesses.

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