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  1. First off What's up to all my growing friends! About 3 weeks ago I planted a bunch of seeds that I had been collecting from my smoke stashes. Being a rookie grower, I didn't germinate the seeds before plating. Nothing came up for about 3 weeks, then one day I noticed two little sprouts coming up, was I stoked. Now after seperating the two plants and transplanting them, overnight, another seedling popped up. I found this odd given the fact that I used new soil that was clean of any other seeds.
    Is it possible to grow two plants from one seed? Twins? What are the chances of both or even ine of the plants producing? Does this, in anyway, have anything to do with the sex? Hopefully someone can shed some light on this situation.:confused:
  2. Yo man. Welcome to Grass city. Sometimes seeds can split and make sisters. Just make sure you separate them and put them into separate pots. This has nothing to do with sex.
  3. then they could be brothers.....

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