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  1. Anyone watching this or remember the original.
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  2. I am... I rewatched all of the old within the last 5 years, I was a youngin when they came out but love Lynch. I couldn't even sit through the last episode, 6? I was distracted and the version I had was poop... Unless there's a new one!? It is inevitably going to piss me off to no end... but I must watch. I am not a dedicated theorist or anything. But I had to comment!

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  3. Fair play. Despite being of the right age to have watched first time round i didnt see the first series until last year. Was hooked from then on. Im loving the new series its so much darker an mysterious
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  4. Just rewatched the first few episodes a while ago. Loved it. I can taste the sanity of the 90's in every scene. :hello:

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  5. I've never seen the show past episode 1. But coincidentally that's me.

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    I've only seen Twin Peaks more times than I can count and my signature on almost every forum is Fire Walk With Me, not to mention my band has a song called Firewalker. Okay, so I've only seen it like 7 or 8 times but still... I've never watched any show that much and still found it interesting each time. I'm loving the new season and I'm drawing lots of parallels to some of David Lynch's other works particularly Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire. Things are really starting to piece themselves together here and I have been putting this on priority over Game of Thrones.

    I love the nod to Mulholland Drive at the end of one of the recent episodes. If you haven't watched that movie you are missing out! Not to mention it stars Naomi Watts who plays Dougie's wife in season 3 and is a brilliant actress.
    Mulholland Drive...

    And Twin Peaks...
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  7. The return Is so fing good. I love this new series
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  8. I went into it with zero expectations and was not let down. I feel like people who aren't into it had expectations of what the series should be about and with David Lynch that is a massive mistake haha.
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  9. Yeah defo. I had no expectations either. And im thouroughly enjoying it.
    Too many fans high on nostalgia tho. Esp on some of tge forums
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  10. I guess this thread kinda died but any thoughts on the finale? I personally loved it but I need some time to process things and I feel like I just got kicked in the chest by a mule after watching it. I'm still in awe of what I just saw.
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  11. Oh i totally agree. Fantastic tv but yep i need time to unpack what iv just seen.

    Will there be a season 4 ? Seems to be enough going on to think there will be.

    No closure on

    Sarah palmer
    Bobby / shelly / red
    Richard / linda

    Im mean wtf ?

    Mind litteraly boggles but in a good way
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  12. Still trying to finish the original series, I think I have 4 or 5 episodes left. It's good but I think the writers fell off a cliff in terms of which direction they wanted to take the show.
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    I've read that if David Lynch feels that he has a good enough story that he will make a season 4 but nothing is guaranteed and I'm cool with that because I don't want a half assed rushed Twin Peaks. The more I think on the finale the more it makes sense that things ended the way they did because Twin Peaks was never supposed to have any closure and pretty much none of David Lynch's works have a conclusive ending.

    Some of my thoughts on the finale, I put them in a spoiler since the dude above me hasn't gotten to the new season yet haha.
    That being said we are left with several different timelines open now. One is the timeline that we have followed since the original series which is still open but has been split in two when Bob was killed. Since Bob transcends time and space his death at one point in time affects his existance at all points in time so he either exists at all points or no points. Another is the alternate reality where Laura Palmer never died and was instead born in Odessa TX as Carrie Page away from anything in Twin Peaks but Dale, who is now Richard, awoke her memories from another world by taking her to Twin Peaks and in the last moments when she hears Sara Palmer's voice calling for Laura she snaps and the veil between worlds is torn which would explain why Dale/Richard seemed to be trying, and also failing, to pull the curtains to enter the black lodge in the last few seconds before the "what year is it?" line.
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  14. The biggest downfall of the original series was that it aired on ABC who was not at all prepared for David Lynch's style of writing and wanted him to tone it down. After too many demands from the network he and Mark Frost eventually went on to other projects and let Twin Peaks run itself with little to no approval from the writers which led to some strange and pointless stories. The good news is that they came back for the final episodes and those are on par with the early stuff and put everything back on track but ABC just didn't think the show had the ratings they wanted so they took it off the air.

    Long story short Twin Peaks should have never been on basic cable because they valued ratings over art. If you have ever wondered why Twin Peaks was so small yet the sign said "Population 51,201" it is because it was originally supposed to say "Population 5,120" but ABC decided that middle America couldn't relate to such a small town so they were forced to change the population on the sign.
  15. Ah that makes perfect sense, from the first episode till like 11/12 the show is very solid, then it get's thrown off in random dusts of sub-plots. Still an interesting show, also to be fair, I'm not too into David Lynch
  16. Yeah I could have done without the whole "save the little pine weasel" plot or the whole deal with the Mayor's brother. Everything does get back on track though. I envy you being able to jump straight into season 3 afterwards! I spent years thinking it was all over for good until the wonderful day I heard that the rumors of a 3rd season were true.

    I read on another forum that I use that people who like Twin Peaks tend to fall into two categories. Those such as myself who love Lynch and surrealist stuff in general and those who like quirky TV shows but aren't too into the style of David Lynch. I would suggest watching Mulholland Drive, it isn't just my favorite Lynch film but it is all around my favorite movie ever. It will be very useful in interpreting season 3! Without dropping any spoilers I can say that the 3rd season is amazing but definitely made for the first group of Twin Peaks fans I mentioned.
  17. David Lynch can make anything more interesting.
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  18. That man David Lynch is the awesome crazy. I am watching the "Alan Smithee" Dune right now! When Dougie became Dudemanbro Agent again I about shit myself with happiness. Talk about a build up, us watching him "hellooooo" and fumble around all season. Haha, I did appreciate his shellish form but had to gripe about the lack of presence his character usually brought with his quirks and can do attitude.
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  19. The most accurate way of describing Lynch that I have ever seen was as a "high functioning madman." I kinda miss good ole Mr Jackpots and if I ever use a slot machine in the future I know exactly how I will be using it haha. I also liked evil Cooper quite a bit up until the end, the whole arm wrestling scene was great.
  20. I'm a couple episodes into s3 and I have no clue what is going on anymore.

    Also, Dale is the perfect dork.

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