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    Hello, GC!
    I am the Tweety Nird
    Some of you may know me from Vape Club
    If so.... Sup and Welcome
    If not... Sup and Welcome
    I really enjoyed giving advice based on personal experience in Vape Club
    After having received a large amount of positive feedback...
    I decided to start my own thread giving and encouraging actual experience advice
    Virtual experience will be strongly discouraged here but all respectful posts are welcome
    I hope you come to find my thread both informative as well as slightly entertaining
    If so, please subscribe and spread the word
    If not..... please don't
  2. First, I would like to begin by listing all vapes that I have actually owned to date(Not necessarily in any order)

    Extreme Q
    Vapir Mini
    Vapir N02
    Skyda II
    Vape Exhale Cloud
    Atmos Raw
    Herb Iron (w/glass vape attachment)
  3. Next, I would like to give a small overview individually on each of those vapes...


    Positives: lightweight, no need to charge(butane), pocket sized, sturdy
    Negatives: butane taste/smell, hissing noise while heating, lasted only a few months as my first and only vape
    Overall: B-, not bad as a secondary portable if you can get past the butane and hissing noise while heating is not an issue
  4. V-Tower

    Positives: value for your money, generous bowl size, conserves bud(the best I have encountered), digital display
    Negatives: whip style only(essentially), airflow path, technical issues do arise after some time(years)
    Overall: A-, great vape for the money, I consider the V-Tower my first real Vape, still use as a bedside vape
  5. VM3

    Positives: looks cool
    Negatives: bowl is way too small, expensive, bulky
    Overall: F-, I could not even reach my levels using this thing, horrible vape
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    I had a different experience with the Iolite, TN.    If I had to give it a rating, I would give it a D.   It was the worst vape I ever had and the reasons are first and formost, I hated the taste.    It always had that platicky after taste.    The other reasons:
    It's a conduction based vape and I just don't like how conduction based vapes cook your bud.   Didn't like the hissing noise.   Didn't like inadvertenly opening the chamber and having the bud spill out.   Didn't like how hot it got.   Didn't like how it just intermittently didn't work.   Didn't like hasseling with the butane.   Didn't like how it melted the the plastic mouthpiece.    Didn't like how big it was as a portable.     Overall, I can't think of one thing that I liked about it.   Maybe I should have given it an F, but being that it worked some of the time, I'll stick with the D.
  7. Extreme Q

    Positives: fan, along with what V-Tower offers, cool light under base, remote control
    Negatives: fan went out after extended use, dirty airflow path,
    Overall: A, this vape takes V-Tower to the next level allowing bag use and fan but comes with a premium price
  8. Thanks for the post!
    Happy to see you here
  9. Vapir Mini

    Positives: great little vape tool, little airflow restriction, small
    Negatives: had to plug in or use battery pack, battery pack life
    Overall: D, bought it in hope for a decent portable, disappointed right away
  10. Vapir N02

    Positives: no battery attachment needed, little airflow restriction, digital display
    Negatives: low battery life, bulky, pricy for what it does(at the time)
    Overall: B+, I consider this my first (non butane) portable, battery life was a hassle
  11. Solo

    Positives: Arizer, best battery life observed, great taste, efficient
    Negatives: small bowl, serious airflow restriction, not pocket sized
    Overall: A, great vape to take around the house, or hotel room, not to stick in your pocket
  12. Skyda II

    Positives: resembles an Iolite
    Negatives: stopped working after two weeks of use
    Overall: F, waste of time and money
  13. LSV

    Positives: handheld, Vape-Bonging dream, sturdy, wonderful airflow
    Negatives: blows through bud!
    Overall: A+, this was a vape looking for me, a steal at $189 (what I paid)
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    Vape Exhale Cloud

    Positives: all glass air path, cool features, clouds of vape
    Negatives: a bit pricy but nice, blows through bud!
    Overall: A, I enjoy using the Vape Exhale Cloud occasionally

    Edit: Dropping overall grade to B
    This is because I have had problems with 2 different units now
    While they work great when working, my first one went out after little usage
    Now the same has happened with the replacement they sent me
  15. Pax

    Positives: pocket sized, powerful, 10 year warranty, sleek
    Negatives: restricted airflow, learning curve with mouthpiece
    Overall: A+, another vape looking for me, this thing is a beast
  16. Atmos Raw(Vape Pen)

    Positives: E-Cig appearance, vapes bud, sleek look
    Negatives: low battery life, inefficient herb vaping, pricy(at the time)
    Overall: C, I have read that is better for oils, etc, not a true bud vape pen
  17. Puffit

    Positives: looks like an enhaler, decent bowl size
    Negatives: plastic taste, stopped working after little use
    Overall: D-, cool idea, poor execution, would not waste money again
  18. Herb Iron

    Positives: fun to use with a bong, handheld, inexpensive
    Negatives: no temp control, very hot, loose attachment fit
    Overall: C+, fun to use, way too hot, not for me
  19. Will you be getting the ascent?
  20. That is all!
    Please feel free to ask questions regarding the vapes I have listed and of course any that I review in the future
    Also please feel free to chime in with personal experience of your own on these vapes or others


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