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  1. Hello all, after much online research I thought I'd turn to my fellow growers. My concern is with nutrients, primarily the top shooter with the house and garden line. I have used the entire line for my last 4-5 grows, very happy with the results overall although I have noticed the taste/smell is not as strong as when I've used organic. Although the quality/quantity is on point! My concern however is with the top shooter, my trichs never reach Amber. So I'm wondering if this could also be a factor in the lack of taste/smell. Info on my grow, 5x5 and 5x10 tents, soil- pro mix, nutes- H&G full line, lights 3 1000 watt hps t5 supplemental, strain, mostly indica/ some sativa. Avg flower time 10-12 weeks. I also have been giving them 24-36 hours of darkness before harvesting to try to get Amber to no avail. So my main question, is there a GOOD substitute for top shooter, also I was wanting to add some organics to my synthetic nutes but I've read it's counter productive to do so. I miss that smell/taste from organics! Any expert growers out there that could help a guy out would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks in advance. If I posted this in the wrong area please bump or delete!
  2. Seems house and garden makes everything taste the same.
  3. I love the H&G line. I found it gives great taste and smell. I even grew two organic plants in 3 gallons of my supersoil with the 3.5 qt Hempy. I used H&G full line with Shooting Powder and fed 3 times a day late flower since she was so small.

    Both soil plants 192 grams dry

    3.5 qt Perlite Hempy 140 grams dry. That comes out to 1.5 ounces per qt!!

    You can add some Mammoth P as their flowering microbes (P enhancing). You can add URB as well.

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