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Well- whaddya think?

  1. I agree 100% with switchey boy in his wisdom.

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  2. I dissagree with switchey boy's points but don't like TV

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  3. I watch a lot of telley but I do see switch's point.

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  1. I don't like TV. Other than current affairs (and even then I prefer internet, newspaper, or radio4), satire programs and the simpsons I don't watch it. TV news, for example, relies too heavily on sensationalism and shock images to actually give true facts. Do they concentrate on telling you pure fact or do they plaster everything with images of dead people without giving the pure facts WHY they are dead?

    Your thoughts.
  2. I agree with yea. I dont think about it to much though, just watch what I like, the simpsons, daily show..lately Ive been watching these new "reality" shows, not all of them, but for entertainment, its a good time to sit around and have a good laugh. the news sickens me. media exploits everything just to have the hot story of the second. the latest which almost gagged me was the foster parents who duct taped their children and took pictures. I dont think Ill be watching any news for a while.
  3. yeah i don't like the tv much at all. i only watch movies, and a few choice programs(simpsons, king of the hill, sienfeld). every now and then i tune into the news to see what they are saying but for the most part it is garbage, the internet is much better.
  4. i think if youre gonna watch tv you shouldnt think so hard about it. but yes most tv sucks
  5. I watch to much tv. Usually I only watch a movie or the weather. if I am home during the day I watch the courts just to have some laughs. people sue over some of the most rediculous things.. I also watch forensic files on court tv. That is very interesting at times!
  6. TV (in particular, topical things like news) never ask the questions that need to be asked. but because they answer the questions they do ask, a lot of people jus tturn a blind eye and think its the ultimate truth before their eyes.

    i watch alot of comedy, documentaries (more sciences rather than the obviously maniplated, over directed wild life documentaries), animation, late night learning progs, sci-fi....

    anything thats has a subversive undertone,
    anything that has a strong social commentary running through it.
    anything that isnt blatantly an excercise in mind control/advertising/propaganda(i do watch news tho, but try to get a broad a veiw of it as possable)/mind numbing (soaps, "pop culture" tv)/etc.

    TV is a powerfull tool used to increase stupidity and to decrease independant, individual thought (Richard & Judy are masters of this)... and so.... i try my best to avoid it.
  7. tv..... is kewl, and i luv the simpsons!
  8. Yeah, man, I agree. I'm not much for TV. I think the main times I watch it are a) when i'm stoned and b) when i remember to watch it (which is about the same thing, but not quite)..

    Nonetheless, when I do watch TV, I don't like to watch the news.. that junk depresses the HELL out of me! I like Six Feet Under (<33), Conan O'Brien, Kids in the Hall (when Comedy Central's not being a bitch about showing it), stuff like that. I'm mostly geared towards the comedy. Ohhh, and Trading Spaces/Changing Rooms. I'm a DIY whore like that. :D
  9. i watch the simpsons and shit like that but tv sucks ass soooooo badly its funny
  10. Three things I would do to improve british telley:

    1) Invest in some more stand up comedy, not saturate tv with it, but just some from time to time would be nice. Failing that I would put on comedies which had WIT and VERBAL jokes rather than slapstick shite.

    2) Sort out the early (small hours) morning tv- especially on saturday and sunday (after the previous friday and saturday night). When you're main viewers are going to be stoned and pissed people you KNOW that you want shit like the smurfs, jay and silent bob movies, cheech and chong movies, spoof stoner comedy and musical shit (playing stoner music- preferably of the Monster Magnet type).

    3) Not a world wide thing but I would have Richard Madley shot. He talks so much shit. Example. Guy from the monkies is gonna make a big "UK Comeback". Of course Madley comes out with this shit like "Yeah so kids are still listening to stuff from the 60's (true but then he goes on to say), particularly the monkies." [sarcasm] Yes Richard, mate. The era that gave us: Hendrix, the Beatles, The Doors, Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin but to name a FEW, is mostly remembered for the fucking Monkies. [/sarcasm] And the shit he says to some of the boffin scientist types that come on the show.

    Shit if I were one of those scientist guys on richard and judy I'd love to do something like:

    Madley: Yeah, DNA is a lot like cheese isn't it.
    Me: No. It's clearly NOT. Do you have researchers on this program?
    Madley: Yes
    Me: Well they are taking the piss if they told you that. Just shut up, you're such a big fucking scientist? Well why the fuck are you talking shit on a talk programme? Doesn't take a lot of work does it- just sitting there talking from your anus for half an hour. No Rich, you haven't got a fucking clue- so just shut the fuck up and cover your wife's breasts- no one WANTS to see her cleavage!!!

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