TV tripped me the hell out/made me lol hard

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    I was chilling after smoking a pretty big bowl, watching the Cosby Show on netflix like always (y'know) and they were eating dinner and talking about some shit I couldn't concentrate on..

    and I was looking at how this one little girl only had chicken and no vegetables, then the scene cut for a half second to someone saying something, goes back to her.. and bam, she had a huge salad and no chicken. so i thought "how amusing" and then half a scene later, she had the chicken again, and then i was laughing and thought i was tripping.. but then like, over the next 5 minutes, it has switched from a salad, to chicken, to a salad, to chicken, over and over.. made me laugh pretty hard for some reason. :smoke:

    and yes, I know that they cut and paste and splice when they make tv shows :p

    edit: is it sad that this was the highlight of my day? what cool shit happened to you guys today?
  2. once i was watching king of queens which takes place in new york and the dude had an in n out cup

    am i wrong or is in n out only in califonia?

    hollywood lied to me
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    I think theyre everywhere. Theres 2 in like a mile radius around here
  4. Oh and nothing cool happened to me today. Like always
  5. Haha I notice small shit like that too. But commercials are worse when I'm high, its ridiculous. I even stopped watching tv just to avoid the commercials.
  6. in oceans 11 the guy has like a shrimp cocktail in his hand and then all the sudden he has a plate in his hand outside the casino too
  7. It's called a Continuity error if anyone wandering.

  8. its only in ca, nevada, arizona, utah and texas
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    Why are they in Kentucky then?

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