Tutorial- Let's Build A High Pressure (True) Aeroponic System!

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  1. In my neverending quest to improve, and to do so by building everything myself, I've decided to build a High Pressure Aero System. I've actually been planning it for a while, you may have seen my designs here in the aero forum, I've just now got the funds to buy all the stuff.

    This system can be expanded or built larger, anywhere from 5 to 50 feet long and as many tubes as you want, just by increasing the pump size and expanding the tubes and lines.

    For this, i'll be making my 9 pod 3 tube model.

    I gladly welcome questions, comments, suggestions, even complaints.

    So, here goes:

    6in PVC
    25in x3
    Cap x3
    Cleanout x3
    Cleanout Plug x3

    1in PVC
    18in x3
    Smooth Female-1in threaded female coupler x3
    Drain x3

    1/2in PVC
    30in x3
    8in x2
    4in x2
    90 Elbow x1
    T Connector x3
    Smooth Female 1/2in - 1/2 in threaded female
    Caps x3

    3/8 barbed - 1/2 in threaded male coupler
    1/2 in male threaded - 1/4 in female threaded reducer (brass)
    200psi 1/4 in Pressure gauge
    3/8in flex tubing 6ft
    80psi+ Pump 3/8 inlet/outlet
    AeroMist Misters x12
    1/4 in hard tubing 6ft
    1/4 in tubing connector x12
    PVC Glue
    10gal rubbermaid tub
    wood and screws or nails to build base
    3in neoprene discs
    3/8in tube clamps
    1/4in tube clamps

    3in Hole Saw Bit
    1in Blade Bit
    1/4in Bit
    Hammer and/or screwdriver


    Step 1:
    I like to think of this as having 4 main components to assemble: The stand, the pressure lines, the aero tubes, and the res/drain system.
    Assemble these components:
    Pressure lines:
    Take all your half inch PVC stuff plus your brass fittings and gauge.
    Assemble the pipes into the E shape, using the t connector on the end to attach the gauge and feed line with the lil 4 inch pieces of pipe.
    Cap the ends of the pipe.
    Drill 4 1/4in holes in each long piece, evenly spaced.
    Insert your 1/4in connectors in each hole and seal. It helps to stick a toothpick or similar in each one while they dry.
    Let dry.


    Aero Tubes:
    Take all your 6 inch stuff.
    On each section of pipe, attach one cap and one cleanout.
    Mark a straight line down the pipe lengthwise.
    Mark the 3 spots for your 3in holes, evenly spaced, and then the spots for your 3/8in holes, one between each pot and one on each end, 12 total. I like to make the holes on the ends angled towards the nearest pot, so the mister sprays away from the ends, which is a waste.
    Screw your aeromist misters into your 1/4in hardline. They should screw in tight, but dont overtighten. seal it generously with the pvc compound, making sure not to get any on the top of the mister, and thread it through one of the 3/8in holes from the inside. Pull until tight, but dont pull the mister off. Quickly rotate it so the curve of the line goes to the left.
    Let dry.


    Res/Drain System
    Take your 1 inch stuff and put one of the adapters on the end of each tube.
    Drill 10 holes throught both sides, starting about 6 inches from the bottom, all the way down.
    The drains will be at the front of each tube, coming up from the bottom.
    You'll need to drill a 1inch hole for them.
    Lay on top of the res and mark the locations of the drains on the lid of the rubbermaid tub.
    Drill 1 inch holes there too


    Thats all for now, more to come.
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  3. Subscribed !

    I will have tons of questions as I'm new to this and want to try a True Aero Grow system myself.

    I been doing alot of reading and currently have info overload so now I'm totally discombobulated :confused:
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    I been reading for TAG (True Aeroponic Growing) that the spray mist should have
    droplet size of micron 50 around there.

    Too small micron then it's fogoponics and not wet enough or too big of of micron droplets
    and the roots will get drenched and it just ends up being a spray squirt.

    What size micron droplets does your mist spray heads give off ?

    PS: How about a tally $ cost for everything you bought ?

  5. I don't have an exact number, but its around $350.

    And the spray heads, I don't know the exact size, but they are .08mm orifice heads.

    I looked into alot of spray heads, and these seemed to be the best ones for the price that were actually high pressure.
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    Gonna follow this... nice design and nice step by step tut.
  7. Thought i'd be able to use the post I left as a placeholder, but anyways:

    Now you want to take your frame, mine is just 2 1x6 pieces of plastic decking, and set your 3 aero tubes on top how you want them positioned. Glue them down with a liberal amount of epoxy and let set.


    Then, take your pressure tubes, and line them up with the aero tubes. Take the duct tape and connect them to the aero tubes like shown:


    Connect your pressure lines to the misters. I like to use the epoxy for this as well.


    Seal all the connections with a liberal amount of epoxy, let harden, and then I recommend following up with a few coats of Flex Seal.


    Let everything cure 24-48 hrs, then test.

    If everything is leak free, attach your drain tubes, seal the connections, mount your pump to the frame somewhere, run the intake line into the res, and you're good to go!

    Make sure you clean out the res and tubes VERY WELL before use. Id run a few batches of water through it too, just to be safe.

    I'm waiting for some space to open up in my grow room, after the next harvest, before I start using this. Due to size constraints with the room, and the entrance, I cant fully assemble mine until I put it in there, but you get the general idea. I'll be posting pics of the install as well.
  8. Nice pics and explanation...looking forward for more to come.

  9. Subbed and frothing to see what this little gem can do. I built an lp aero system ala stinkbud to fit my mini flower room but I would've done this instead had I stumbled on it earlier.... Props for keeping it simple.

  10. Well, its a little less simple than I thought, or I made it so. Took me 2 weeks and stripping/redoing all the sealant on one of the pipes to finally get rid of all the pinhole leaks.
  11. I tried this system a few years ago with high pressure from mist King, the problem I had was the filters would plug up every few weeks but it worked well, just got tired of replacing filters and once in a while the injectors get something in there
  12. high pressure aero uses so little nutes and water you can run to waste. Clean, fresh nutes wont clog filters or nozzles, its the debris picked up in the root chamber and sent back to the res that causes the problems.
  13. What pump are you using?

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  14. Get an Aquatec cdp 6800 or 8800
  15. I'm looking for the aeromist misters. I'm not exactly sure what to get. Does it screw right in the end of the 1/4 tubing or do I need an adapter? This is what I'm thinking about getting... [​IMG]

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  16. I`d steer clear of that type of nozzle, they are prone to partial clogging even with good filtration and running drain to waste. How big is the container you plan to use for the roots?
  17. What about a proper timer?

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  18. Cycle timers are cheap as long as you dont buy them from a growshop. The best type to use with high pressure aero are equipped with a solid state relay not a mechanical relay. Depending on the type of aero setup, the timer relay will operate between 150 and 1500 times a day.

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