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  1. Prescribed to me for my sore throat (Been coughing all night and can't sleep so they gave me this). Good feeling when I take it. Makes sleep muuuch better. Anyone know if taking to much can be harmful?
  2. If it has anything other than DXM as the active ingrediant, then it probably is and I wouldn't take it.
  3. I know that stff has hydrocodone in it im not sure what else
  4. hydrocodone polistirex and chlorpheniramine polistirex

    I don't mean taking a shit load at one time. I know that can be dangerous but I mean like over a long period of time taking normal doses.
  5. youll be fine, actually ud be better off doubling your dosage, the doc prescribed me some prometh with codeine, and some hydro syrup..and dude you will go to sleep, or you could stay up and lean and enjoy it, without any pain in your sorethroat.
  6. Thanks, xXMelkorxX. I have to get a dealer who sells this stuff. Thanks again for the help.

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