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  1. Hey ive only done it a few times gonna do it tonight i forgot how long it takes to kick in and does anyone wanna do it with me?
  2. You gonna email me some tussionex???
  3. The fuck you mean then, kid?
  4. when i used to get the coughs my g-pa would give me a strict regiment of what was than known as a "tussin shake" which consisted of oatmeal,some of that thick tussin,a quater inch orange peel and steamed for 7 hours until it dried out in the sun,than ate it.
  5. The FUCK?
  6. I think there actually might be such a thing as to much drugs:confused:
  7. lol what?

    Also... lol WHAT
  8. Not fail. Tussin is fun. I think OP meant; if anyone has any around, to take it simultaneously across internetz land and chat on the gc(?) maybe.

  9. Oh ok, got it
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    Haha , the fuck ? Man you are just too cool for school .

  11. Oh yeah, and youre that prick that picks about others dialects...just stop man theres no point in fighting over such trivial shit. :smoking:

  12. Not quite . This dude just seems to like being a jerk to people , so I decided to be a jerk to him .
  13. You obviously haven't been around GC very long.

    No one has a problem with me that doesn't have a problem with themselves.

    You seem to be riding my dick quite frequently lately. Honestly I find the jealously amusing and strangely satisfying for some reason. For that I thank you.;)

    You come in the thread only to flame me, a sure sign of your insecurities.

    and 'the fuck?' is from a recent southpark episode. \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t[​IMG]

    Because cartman is just so thuggish, right? :rolleyes:
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    Seems you like to exaggerate a little . :)

    Did you even look at my join date before you made that comment ? I've been here for over a year longer than you have .:confused:

    By riding your dick quite frequently , do you mean this 1 comment , or do you mean the only other comment I've ever made to you ? So me making 2 comments to you qualifies me as a dick rider ? And on one of those comments I was just replying to a comment that you made to me first . So 1 comment and I'm ok , 2 comments and I'm a dick rider . Those are some narrow standards .

    I came in this thread to flame you ? That's an interesting assumption , but the truth is actually that you seemed like a dick . I came in here , and your comment irritated me , so I decided to say something . Seems like you may also be a bit parinoid . Do you think I'm out to get you ? Just like the satanic cult . :laughing:

    "The fuck" is from a south park episode ? Well then I apoligize for calling you a thug , but that's how it appears for someone who's never seen that specific episode of southpark . And we all know there's almost nothing worse than some wanna-be thug piece of trash who has no idea what he's glorifying .
  15. I think its evident by your contribution to this community and the amount of respect you hold in it where you stand. ;) :D :smoking:

  16. Na, I rather smoke man.
  17. Does that mean that I'm not Mr. popular ? :(

    One day I hope I can be such a great member like yourself . One day maybe I can have a full bar of imaginary respect like yourself ... and then I will be cool . ;)

    Ha , it's evident by your post how much you care about internet respect , and I would have to say that's pretty sad .

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