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  1. that is a mata mata. rare and badass. i could only post these 2. dont know why
  2. It has some pretty gnarly camoflauge.

    Where'd you get it?
  3. my girlfriend bought it from a reptile dealer in cali. he was originally 350 bucks but she got him for 180 cash. once his amazon style home is set up ill post more pix
  4. Looks like he has a leaf head.
  5. What does he eat?
  6. Probably lettuce
  7. I reckon worms or fish or something.
  8. gourmet turtle cuisine
  9. [​IMG]
    "Turtle, turtle"
  10. ^^ lol, entourage ftw.
  11. actually they ONLY eat live fish. they are ambush predators-meaning they wait and strike when fish arrive. this turtle is awesome to watch. she blends in with her rocks and wood so the fish are oblivious to the threat. i just got another turtle today..a midland painted.pics to come..
  12. Nice - reminds me of a dinosaur!
  13. i like turtles
  14. thats pretty sweet man

  15. this is exactly why i like them. i like old world and ancient type animals and fish
  16. wouldn't that make it a tourtose?
  17. about what are the total costs of having a pet turtle?

    what are the one-time and what are the repeating costs?

  18. thanks bro-ham.

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