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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Mr Skinner, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. Haha.....just saw a small hint in some episode AGAIN. So now I gotta ask:

    Are all of you american geezers circumsized? And if so...why?

    I mean...I love me turtle neck. And I tell ya: Anyone who approaches my dick with a knife would have to kill me first.
  2. i'm circumcized. doc did it to me at birth. it's just an american custom. they sometimes don't even ask if you want your son circumcized anymore, they just do it. apparently my penis doesn't have all the nerve endings it should have in it anymore, which kind of sucks, but whatever, i'm used to it and i still get 'there'. americans have taken it upon themselves to liquidize and bottle human foreskin cause it's supposed to be good to rub on your face. sick shizz.

    i know a lot of american girls who wouldn't know how to properly react to seeing an uncircumcized penis.
  3. well most american males are cut at birth ...cept my ex :eek: and i thought goin down on that "turtle neck" was absolutely grooooooooss...turn off...sorry :rolleyes:
    tok on :smoke:

  4. who you kiddin? you loved it!! :evil grin:
  5. uncircumcised wang is gross!!

    im so glad i got mine. otherwise they just look wierd...
  6. lmfao nuttin like havin to move somethin b4 u start :eek: BARFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF:p
  7. the doc cut me at birth
  8. i got mine done a little later than most probably, and Luvdabuddah opinion (along with most) is prime example why...
  9. Hm, I have actually never had sex with a girl who complained, or even commented my turtle neck. I don't think any of'em have even seen a cut wiener before. Just not usual over here...
  10. well here in the US its a different story...
  11. <-- circumcised

    The only problem with it from what I can tell is that it's easier to get yer willy sunburnt at the nude beach :p
  12. Aren't uncircumsized wangs more prone to dick cheese and other, more serious infections?
  13. lol this thread makes me think of Robin Hood: Men in Tights
    "nip the tip"

    peace out

  14. Yes. They get smegma and shit. Eww.

    I got mine done at birth, and I am glad. As long as it's done, the ladies like it, and I don't remember the process, its cool, yaknow?
  15. No fucking way.. I guess never really bring up the conversation of circumcision around here, but I would have never thought they were still a common practice. I thought the practice was dieing out in the US.. I sure as hell ain't cut, and I thought that was the norm.
  16. Well...I wash mine...that usually does the trick
  17. so what do ya figure about my theory skinner?

    can an uncurcumcised man get more pleasure from sex than a circumcised man

    can a circumcised man last longer than an uncirumcised man

    I was circumcised at birth, I don't really know if it's the american way...I don't try to sneak any peeks in the bathroom or anything.
  18. I really don't know. Would be best if we had someone here who was circumsized AFTER he had sex a few times. I have no basis to make such a conclusion

  19. I read a testimony from a grown man who got circumcised when he was in his 20's. He said having sex before was like seeing in color and afterwards it was like seeing in black and white.

    I found a story--Link
  20. Aight...now we have proof...and I just got my position affirmed: I'm never gonna get cut!!!!!

    Thanx, Hempress, for bringing facts into this discussion

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