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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jdrueb, May 12, 2010.

  1. As i was looking over my plants i saw that 2 of them have leaves that were curving to the side on botch sides kind of like a swirl. i was trying to figure out if this is a normal type of thing. Thanks for the help
  2. I like your sig .... post pics man I think I got same prob but I just let them grow out like that and.they seemed to be fine .... bought to clip em down bought a week
  3. Ok cool man i will snap a few pics here pretty soon but yours are a lot further along than mine. mine were just finished sexing there in there growth spert right now.
  4. Mine started to show right when I started flower ... I think I might have slightly over ferterlized them ...... they were hella healthy though just curled in on both sides of leaves like an exadurated half pipe
  5. mine are not like that. my leaves actually turn to the side. there still a flat leaf but growing crooked. the ones that curve like yours that i have are actually just turned like that towards the sun.
  6. Do u know what causes what I got?
  7. Yes. Your problem is Magnesium deficiency. if they have not already started to, the leafs will curve upward and start turning somewhat yellow. This can be quickly resolved by watering 1 teaspoon Epsom salts/gallon of water. so have it already mixed up and just use the same thing each time. the older leafs will never look as good as they did but the new ones should grow in just fine.
  8. Hmm that's strange kuz I give them cal mag almost every watering

    Oh well no worries I'm clipin day after tomarow ill just let them stay the way they are

    My babies look so beautiful anyone ever get a cahnce to get purp diesel ... get it u won't be dissapointed despite what I had read about it being a tempormental plant its actually very easy going

    The kens grand daddy did not mount up to all that great of a strain ... it was suposed to be one of the hardest to find strains and its not even that great

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