turning female plants male?

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  1. I've already searched, but found about the opposite of what I was looking for lol, does anyone know the fastest most reliable method to turn a known female plantinto a male besides just stressing the hell out of it? Thanks for the responses, sorry if this is in the wrong section
  2. Anyone? I didn't mean lose all female traits by the way, I mean to collect pollen for a separate plant
  3. so you want your perfectly fine female to turn into a hermie? or a male? i never heard of such talk/.
  4. Well I was just going to use a small clone of a plant whose traits I really like, normally id avoid this too lol
  5. i dont think it can be done if youre using a feminized strain, maybe if its reg but it would probably just hermie and the seeds it would produce would also be hermie.. correct me if im wrong
  6. I actually wanted to use one clone with another more established plant, whose traits I also like very much. I don't think either is feminized, should I just light in during the lights out portion of growing? Are there any other ways?
  7. hermies produce more hermies. simple rule of thumb. no you should not hermie a plant and cross it with anything.
  8. I understand that using a hermie for breeding increases likelyhood in the future of hermie problems, but I didn't think a single stress hermie would create a breed of hermaphrodites, wouldn't I have to continue doing so down the line for that to happen?
  9. if you breed a hermie you'll likely end up with a bunch of hermies later on. think of all the time and work you put into the plants - you don't want to risk that somewhere down the line, you end up with a bunch of seeded buds.
  10. That would be terrible lol, I thought though that all cannabis plants could hermie, and that since it was already in its genetics, it would need to be stressed for those characteristics to show? Does that mean that even grown with absolute minimal stress, a plant would still hermie because one of its parents was forced to?
  11. hermies are caused by putting female plants under stress correct?
  12. That's what I understood, but I could be wrong?
  13. Is the sex pre-determined in the seed? Everyone says the least amount of stress you give them the more likely they will be female so start a plant from seed and smack it around?
  14. just google colloidal silver cannabis and read away....
  15. Forcing a plant to hermie does not change its genetic make up. From what I understand, most cannabis plants are capable of being a hermie, very few are pure genetic male or female, but they will vary in how much stress it takes to cause it to hermie. If you have a stable strain that is not prone to hermie, it can certainly produce seeds that are stable, but it could also produce hair trigger hermies, and anything in between. Your best bet is to cross it to a rock solid female of different genetic makeup, less chance of the hermie gene popping up. It is very complicated stuff, I don't understand it well.
  16. Helix I was originally thinking of something like that but with a small clone, but after reading about using colloidal silver I'm thinking that's probably the way to go. Resonous thanks for that lol I've seen people mention it but have never given it much attention until now, have you ever used it?
  17. i agree with resinous. a lot of people do it with great success, the only problem for me is buying the silver haha($$$)...its nice because you can make a single branch like a popcorn bud produce seeds while the rest of the plant(under close watch) won't have a single seed. just carefully pinch off all the bananas before they can pollinate the rest of the plant and you are golden. if you really want, you can store the pollen for a short amount of time as well.
  18. Beaver, that sounds like a good idea, my plan was to spray the whole plant, but if I can get some pollen and clip it off before the other flowers take any on that would be better, what's the best way to store the pollen? Bone dry and cold in as sterile an airtight container as possible I've heard, any other suggestions?

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