Turning A Mother Into Multiple Clones Outdoors.

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  1. I have 3 plants growing at the moment, but I don't know if they are female. I would like to clone each plant and then force that clone into flower to determine the sex. Right now each plant is about 6 inches tall. Do I have enough time, and is it worth it to take clones of the female identified plants and to plant those outdoors as well? If I take 5 clones from a mother plant at the end of June, will they still yield a considerable amount? 12/12 is September 24th for my area.
    Or would it be a better idea to just let the mother plant grow as big as possible?  
    The original plan was to just dissect the mother plant into as many female clones as possible, and then plant those for a large harvest, essentially turning 3 random plants into 20 female clones planted later in the season. Thoughts? Not worth it? Thanks for any input.

  2. 12-12 is used indoors as a flowering time.. outdoors is a whole different game.. the magic numbers outside are 14.5.. when days are above that plants veg.. below that they flower.. some strains slightly higher some lower..
    you can use the charts in the thread to figure when your latitude hits 14.5 hours per day and count from that to flowering finish time.. roughly..
    taking clones that late and getting them big enough in the time left and still have time to flower will depend on how far south you are and if and when it freezes.. June 1st is time to plant outside for a fall harvest in most of the northern hemisphere..
    I'm putting 2 ft tall CFL grown time matched clones in the ground this week.. 
  3. Ok, Thanks. Starting clones around June 1st should be no problem then. 
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    Post some pics of your plants if you can. For mother plants I top them about 1 6" clone the top then take more clones when there around 2 feet tall or taller.

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