turning a grow box into a terrarium.

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  1. ok, first of by letting me explain that i had a serious spider mite issue near the end of my last grow. to keep from having this problem again i came up with the idea of turning my grow box into a terrarium of sorts. the temperature and humidity are perfect for not only growing cannabis but also reptiles. due to my location the temps in my box during the summer time get into the mid 80s, not exactly "ideal" for growing cannabis but the herb will grow in these temps. i caught a few anoles (most people i know call em chameleons) and put them in my box along with 2 plants that have just sprouted (3rd set of sprouts this summer due to the mites) hopefully these anoles will control the mite population. will update on occasion to let everyone know how both the ladies and the lizards are doing.
  2. I'd be careful.
    I myself have a couple of red-ear sliders and know of the dangers of salmonella poisoning through contact with reptiles.
    not sure if anoles can carry the bacteria, but sounds kinda risky.
  3. Too funny...I was pondering this same thing yesterday.
  4. drizzl i understand the concern and i will certainly look into it. main thing i am concerned about is the feces, but like i mentioned previously, i will maintain an update. also i will do a little research on the anoles to see if i am going to have a salmonila problem.
  5. How sick would it be to take a pic of a chameleon on a fat bud :smoking:
  6. the lizards i caught are closer related to an iguana then a true chameleon. its funny because when i first had this idea i keep having flash backs from cheech n chong's nice dreams. all of the lizards under the "pool". the little guy i caught today was extremely stressed before i caught him *their mood dictates their color* he was a deep dark brown, he's been in the box for a few hrs now and he's turned back to his lime green color. we'll see how this goes.
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    Spider mites are to small of a prey item for anoles. You would be better off with crickets and meal worms. Anoles do not carry salmonella but turtles can, wash your hands with antibacterial soap and you will be fine. Raw chicken often contains salmonella but there is no reason not to eat it just follow proper sanitary procedure.

    MH or HPS lights are not suitable for reptiles, you could use CFLs.

    Why dont you kill the spider mites with a organic bug bomb and plant some more seeds? You will never make it as a farmer you give up to easy.

    Me I got reptiles and plants but not together.

    Here is the link to official GC reptile thread for those who may be interested.
  8. I have an iguana, and while I was out of town a couple years back my homie Truth watched him for me, let him roam the room and one day came back and an entire plant of strawberry cough was GONE! lol

    The little fucker ate an entire plant in one day...lol

    Its our fault prob for we always (allegedly, since im not sure of the rules on such) smoked him out, and fed him trimmings and such

    Funny story now, not so much at the time
  9. good to know they dont carry the bacteria.

    and that would suck to find them munching down on a nice bud.
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    i tried the nice dreams thing with my iguana n let him eat some of my plant n he died! poor lil fkr! i highly recomend checking into ladybugs. i bought sum to control an aphid and gnat outbreak and they work wonders!
  11. Lol he died? Holy shit....OD?
  12. yeah he kicked da bucket, probably wasnt wise to feed him pot leafs he was only bout 3 inches a baby! good weed off that plant tho lol
  13. Yea mine was pretty much full grown and ate every leaf off a 3ft plant. He didn't die tho...sorry to hear that, did u dedicate the first bowl to him?

    Afterall he died for that weed.

    Here's mine, his name is Sobe and he's a fucking Gangsta. We rescued him, he's been through so much shit even after we got him. Tail broke off twice, broken jaw, ripped out teeth, countless claws ripped out, attacked by cats, attacked by dogs, once attacked by a bird outside. Got crushed in a recliner once, broke his spine, caused him to turn black (most the colors never returned) and every finger (not claw, whole finger) on one hand to fall off.

    Yea, Im the only one he will allow to pick him up. He wont bite me but hell still try and puff up and whip me. Anyone else he bites.

    He's not really aggressive but very anti social, do ya blame him?

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  14. wow thats one tough iguana lol
  15. havnt had any more guanas. my old rednose pit named INDICA used to eat the hell out of my leaves n bud. she would sit next to you if you had the bong waiting for a hit thats gangsta! your guana dope!
  16. Lol right? I don't think he can die...for real

    He's eating now, but in our money problems he's gone over a week at a time with no food, and hasn't had a headlamp or uv in months since his broke.

    But when (if?) He ever dies, im getting a fuckin tattoo for him

    EDIT:awesome Trucha, and thanx. Oh Sobe LOVES to get high, but I dare not speak of that due to rules and such... ;)
  17. those mites are actually parasitic to anoles, it would have died anyway.
  18. just a little update, i decided against the anoles in the grow box, so i turned em all loose. on a side note i havent seen any spider mites this go round (hopefully i can keep it that way, since im only 6 days from sprout. ive seen a few gnats in there (1-2 at a time, not a swarm, but i dont think this is abnormal considering i keep my window open 95% of the year due to ignorant duct work done in my house. temps in the day have been in the low 80s, once the sun goes down temps get into the l70s. plant looks happy, critters where happy before i turned em loose.

  19. If you have not done anything to kill the spider mites you are wasting your time they will be back. You need to clean your grow box out and treat it with something to kill the mites. These things are tough little buggers and all it takes is two mites or some eggs and they will multiply rapidly. I have never seen a spider mite problem go away with out treatment you can clean all you want and if you dont poison the mites they will be back.

    If it was me I would treat the grow box with a insecticide to kill the mites and I would also treat the room its in with insecticide. You can get bug bombs at home depot. I bug bomb my room after each crop before I put in new clones just to be safe.

    Good Luck
  20. its been a month since my last harvest. i cleaned everything, sterilized the soil *which is were the little bastards came from* and started over, i havent seen any mites to speak of, and the gnats are coming in through holes in the screen on the outside windows of the house. my box is clean enough you could eat out of it, so i dont think that housekeeping was the issue, but the conditions the soil was kept in before i bought it (outside in the weather, just asking for bugs if you ask me)

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