Turning a dry spoon pipe into a bubbler?

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    IMG_4343.JPG What if there was a glass filter as shown in the picture but it had a skinny hollow tube (downstem?) extending out so its long enough to where u could fill the pipe with a some water to make it act as a bubbler?

    I tested it out with a skinny plastic straw (no i didnt smoke anything, i just tested to make sure the water was "bubbling" with closed carb and stopped bubbling with open carb) and it was working with no water leakage or anything. Im really not looking to buy another piece since i just got my first pipe like 2 days ago. so do u guys think this would work if there was some special object like the one i described? and if there are any that exist that would fit into the small hole in a standard glass spoon pipe, lmk
  2. You are in great danger of getting your weed wet and inhaling nasty water. Yuk.
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  3. What does this accomplish?
  4. just a high thought

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