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  1. Obama is telling us conventional strikes are worse than drone strikes............ but we should still keep doing drone strikes because they're "effective" and "precise."
    Fuck this guy, he's talking about how he's been LIMITED in his presidency...........
    OMFG! He's saying congress authorized all his drone use, and that they're briefed on every single strike........... but no declaration of war?
    Just go watch this, it's hard to type out the bullshit as fast as it spews from his fucking ugly mug.

  2. Yeah I've been having a chuckle at this thing for the past 15 min
  3. Fuck that. I won't give CNN the ratings when I can catch the worst parts on YouTube later.
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    The rating system doesn't work that way, the only way they can tell iif your watching is if you have a Nielson box.  But yeah, Obama just gives me a rage head ache. I so hope he leaves the presidency in utter disgrace. 
  5. That's not 100% true. Any cable box has the capability of reporting exactly what you watch. Most (but not all) don't have that feature set turned on, yet.
  6. I watched like 10 seconds on RT, he was talking about how are strategy needs to be using money to train security forces in Afghanistan, or build schools in pakistan, and something about yemen.. I just raged and turned it off. Asshole will just blow up and schools they build.. lol. Why can't we spend that money here where we have problems instead, sounds great.. :confused:
  7. Everything is going to be linked to the Internet soon. The government will be able to spy on you with more ways than ever. Privacy is no longer an option.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qV9JlFZYZBU
    Thank you, Medea Benjamin.
  9. Like it or not, drones are the future of warfare.
  10. What was the lady saying in that video? I do not have good hearing. 
  11. Shes talking about abdulrahman al-awlaki and droning in places that makes us less safe.
  12. Better video:

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