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Turkey’s burger eww gross

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Ultramaxx, Sep 14, 2021.

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    Been stuck eating it for some reason my mom thinks it’s healthier then regular beef .. but it’s so gross to me I keep Gagging had to give some of it to the dog ..
    Why is it so gross ? So much for healthier
    Turkey Meatballs in pasta w/ red sauce .. first time I tried it didn’t hate it as bad but now I do ..
    No one else disliked them .. she loved them .
  2. I have no explanation for it. But they're from hell.
    Growing up, I never complained about my mom's cooking - both because she was an excellent cook and because she would have told me I could have nothing instead - but one time she made these turkey burgers and i had to stand my ground. She knew the seriousness of the issue and never made them again.
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  3. thank fuk I don know what you guys are talking about but food I get from Turkey is fantastic
    try them donner kebabs they are worth dieing for ...some kurds are
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  4. Buy and cook your own food if you dont like it.
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  5. yeah i'm not a fan myself
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  6. I Love Turkey but I Never Had it Like that Before tho. Iono I Might Like it because I Eat Weird Foods an Food Combos Sometimes Especially While he Times I was Pregnant but Even While Not too.

  7. Real question is what they do to it to make it look like beef , and chicken sausages my mom bought also I hate so much.. damn miss Italian sausage now .
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