Tupac Shakur

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  1. whats everyones favorite 2pac album

    doesnt get any better then this


    RIP Tupac. The greatest of all time
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  2. I was just listening to 'so many tears' this album can get you through some rough times for sure. The guy was full of passion, his mind and heart spoke through his lyrics put these 'new age' rappers with all sorts of corny metaphors to shame. And I'm not hating on those guys cuz I like some of their music, I'm just saying overall pac had soul in his music.
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  3. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twkh0YiInPM]YouTube - mo money mo problems (best quality)[/ame]

  4. you know where its at man.
    he ain't forsure dead tho,
    could be just chillin, browsin' through grasscity
  5. Pac...sittin back on the sidelines? Na, I dont buy it

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