Tupac Shakur

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  1. I know most of you..especially the elder blades of the city probably dont have a high opinion of him. I never did myself I always regaurded him as some dumb street thug talking about some stupd bullshit in his music. But i'm about two months when I was high I really started listening to his music with an unbiased viewpoint and now i'm hooked. I live,was born & raised in NYC. And I started seeing how deep his lyrics really were. And the beats are great whle baked. Listening to him now.
  2. I agree, I at once blew him off as another gangster rapper. But then I had a roommate who listened to NOTHING but him. It wasn't the optimum of conditions, but when you really listen to his lyrics many of his songs have some very powerful messages.

    I am all down for any type of music that carries a positive message, and is from the heart. He sure knew how to do that, it's a shame that money/music business politics got him killed, he helped change the face of his genre of music ~ when people were writing lyrics about violence & hate, he certainly stood out in his own way.

  3. Tupac is alright but Biggy is a thousand times better.
  4. LoL man..simply amazing I thought most of the blades here were open-minded. Well I used to think the same way as you..but then I stopped listening to the muisc and I really HEARD it. Makes a lot more sense to me. And no offense or anything...but by your narrow remarks you seem like a typical closed-minded distressed white boy (i'm white too..besides the point) I'm born & raised on the streets of NYC..whole different mentality here. Ya talk tuff about people like him online..but if you were too see them in the street..i'd bet a good amount you'd just put your head down and keep walking. DL a few songs by him..get blazed and listen up..maybe it'll make some sense to you.


    NYC represent!
  5. stevieponiczz i deleted the previous post. this poster had been forewarned with a previous issue.
    that type of disrespect is not tolerated here... sorry you had to see that!
  6. Hey stevieponiczz, I hope that post wasn't directed at me. It looks like it was in response to a deleted post, but I wanted to be sure. In case it was, I'm not narrow minded, I simply think Biggy is far more talented. Throughout their whole beef Biggy seemed to have the upper hand as well. Tupac had a song saying he fucked Biggy's wife, while Biggy had a song restating the fact that he shot him five times. That's hardcore.
  7. No Kronos it wasnt at you bro. Someone else posted after you with some lame remarks.
  8. Cool, thats what I thought.
  9. lol its funny because you didn't have youtube
  10. I consider Tupac the GOAT, glad you actually started listening to him his music is great.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsbHerIlupM"]Tupac - Dopefiend's Diner[/ame]

    Real Emotion, RIP Pac.

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