Tumblr Anyone?

Discussion in 'General' started by MariaJuana92, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. I don't know. I never go on anymore and I deleted my old account.
    I have nobody to follow so post up your blog and if i like it i might follow?
    im not looking for people to follow me i like don't post again yet

  2. I didn't realize people still use tumblr
    i just might have to hide your sig. your eyes are staring into my soul as i type this  :blink:
  3. i use it for the pr0n
  4. Yeah I thought that's all anyone used it for, was like postin noodz n shit. Least that's how it was..
  5. link me to these pr0n tumblers. im missing out.
  6. What the fuck is tumbler, lol.
  7. Tumbler is a type of cup. Refer to host of tmz.

    Tumblr is an addictive media sharing website. Mostly pics and gifs. There's a tumblr for everything.
    I didn't know it was a website. And I know a tumbler is a type of cup but I wasn't sure on what everyone was talking about.
    Thanks for the helpful information. 
  9. aw im sorry
    i didn't mean to uh
    weird you out or anything
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    I always end up on the site for pics/gifs. It has some good stuff from what i've seen lol
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    dude tons of em
    and you can get to hundreds of others from those lol

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