Tulia Documentary Wins Award

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  1. Tulia Documentary Wins Award
    Tues., September 23, 2003

    ‘Tulia, Texas: Scenes From the Drug War', which examines a small town drug bust that imprisoned over 10% of the African American community, has won best documentary short at the Woodstock Film Festival this past weekend. The film takes a shocking look at the collateral consequences of America's ‘War on Drugs' through interviews with prisoners, their families and other townspeople.

    Producers of the film, the William Moses Kunstler Fund for Racial Justice and Off Center Productions, dedicated the award and documentary to the 46 people who were arrested in Tulia as a result of the uncorroborated word of undercover agent Tom Coleman.

    Coleman now faces charges of perjury and on August 23rd, 2003, 35 people arrested in the Tulia drug sting were pardoned by the Governor of Texas.


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