Tuesday Evening Chat :)

Discussion in 'General' started by KingPins, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Well, I called off work sick today mainly because I just was tired.

    just finished off a blunt and now im watching sportscenter and working from home.

    How is everyone doing this evening? :smoke:
  2. I'm great, yourself?
  3. i'm alright just had a shitty day of unexpected work. mildly high not getting BLAZED till around 9:00,9:30
  4. i'm bored as hell
  5. Im feeling pretty good right now, I might play a game of madden here in a couple minutes.

    Yeah man, me too. You got anything going on this weekend?
  6. i have to go with one of my bros to get a new bowl for the new bong ... sucks.
  7. hopefully pickin up either a 1/4 of mids or an 1/8 of beasters on friday

    then sister n her kids want to see the apartment so I have to set a day aside for them. Other than that, just looking around for a job
  8. Do you have 08 yet?
  9. Paranoid, But also comfterable for some reason haha.

    My homie came by and we talked some shit over so im straight...

    Then we fucked with some beats for like a hour and hes trying to get me to go to the studio tonight and lay down a track but i jus fuckin aient feelin it tonight.
  10. Nice man, we def need to kick it soon, Im trading my buddy a 1/2 of shrooms for 1/2 of some kind buds, so once i get some KB ill be smoking a blunt with you.

    You should send me you AIM name.

    Yep, I was one of those people who had it reserved and picked it up at midnight, the game is fucking sick.
  11. 16-0 last night against the Yanks, that was nice.

    Thankfully Cleveland is catching fire now as well.
  12. Nice man, i was actually sick today (still am, i actually think its acid reflux), but i went to work...it blew...now just relaxing listening to some new music...i love a great big bowl after a long day of bullshit

  13. Nice, my job is a little different, I can do 90% of my work from home, so i call off probably once a month.

    Im getting ready to pack a bowl right now.
  14. You in the glove?
  15. If you're asking if I like baseball, yes.

    But I like football even more.
  16. Just enjoying the wonderful night..beautiful sunset..cool weather..just smoked my last J..having a few beers with my boss tonight..maybe a bowl if he has any chronic
  17. Glove = L.P = Lower Peninsula = Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

  18. No, Im actually from Ohio.
  19. Ya got the Mi avy, Made me wonder.

    Why the fuck do i think your BNF Inc? Lol.
  20. I have no idea. LOL. thats funny, do I remind you of someone else you know or something :D

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