TSA Plants Bag-O-Powder on Passenger as Joke

Discussion in 'General' started by maxrule, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Keep this in mind the next time you fly. :eek:

  2. U of M student lmao...."Such a violation" lmfao what a dumb cunt honestly....I bet she the kind that has Northface jackets and Uggs...for sure man.
  3. What an asshole

    They would have arrested me anyway because I would have kicked the shit out of whoever tried that
  4. ^This.

    There's nothing funny whatsoever about the situation. Hundreds of people are apprehended daily by TSA for routine "random" checks. Had this been a real situation, where somebody had actually slipped something into her bag, do you think they would have believed her?

    Hell no, and that's why it's not funny.

  5. I was thinking the exact same thing.

    I'm non violent but I can be riled. :smoking:
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    Um, what? Where did this come from? Who gives a shit if she has Uggs are Northface jackets? Why is that even relevant?

    On topic, that shit's fucked up, especially in this day and age where even uttering the word 'bomb' too loudly in an airport can get you dragged off.
  7. For real, I wear my northface jacket all the time.. :confused:

    Anyways, that is so fucked up. How can they do something like that? Like someone else said, if somebody had slipped that in her bag or something they would have never believed her.

  8. It sounds like they are screening passengers a lot more intensively than they screen their own workers.

    It would have taken me a milisecond to reply 'THAT AINT MINE YOU #@$! *#$! !@#@ *#$%! $@## *$!#.....[​IMG]
  9. i dunno. maybe im an asshole, but i think its kinda funny. no harm no foul. she shouldnt have gotten so worked up if she knew it wasnt hers.
  10. Just because she knew it wasn't her's doesn't mean they would not have prosecuted her for it, had it been a real situation. Do you really think they would have said "well alright, you claim it isn't yours, you're free to go."

    Millions of drug users have tried that excuse before. It has never worked. It would have been no different had this not been an hypothetical situation.

  11. No doubt about it.

    You know where she was headed next.


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