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  1. So i have been home from school for about 2 days now and i decided it was time to unpack my things. I had two large bags full of clothes and other types of shit. I flew home from FL to Ct and I had like 5 pipes in one of my bags, and i didnt clean any becauase of something a security gaurd had told me on a previous trip. when going throuhg airport security during spring break, i had a bong in my backpack since i didnt want to pack it underneath and run the risk of it breaking. It was all packed up nicely, but they took it out to make sure there was no resin on it, which there wasnt cus i cleaned it like it was my job. but anyways the guy working there tells me next time i would be better off just putting it underneath the plane in my bag cus i wont get hassled. So it was time to pack up my stuff and i put 2 pieces in a hard oakley sunglass case and two in another similar case, and then there was another one wrapped up in some clothes. Now when i got my bag off the converyor belt i noticed the top handle was un-snapped, and i figured it must have happend while carying it since it was way heavy. Well today when i open it up right on top is this sheet of paper, looks like its part of a pamphlet or something, ive never seen it before so i read it.

    It was a piece of paper from the TSA(transportation security administration) the airport security, and it said, that part of the security screening process is random physical inspection and about how they open your bag and go through your shit looking for restricted items. It also says that if your bag has a lock on it that they can lawfully break your lock, and not be held responsible for the cost. I think this is bullshit because no where in the airport are you informed of this garbage. Its not like they couldnt see what was inside my bag from the xray machine it goes through, so why open it up. I started to think about my bowls and im like fuck they probably took them, but i open it up and there they are all 5 dirty as fuck all rezzed up. I cant figure it out how my bag can get "randomly" selected and they search it and there are lots of pipes in there and they didnt bother to do anything, either someone is being really lazy or they just dont care about the pipes, what do you guys think about this?
  2. Oh shit man, I would say count your lucky stars that the TSA Agent searching your bag would be sweating bullets on Random Drug Test Day.

    I'm sure if you got the wrong agent, you could be fucked right now. be careful.
  3. Stupid shit. Too bad you have no rights when flying on airplanes.
  4. actually.. at atlanta airport they told me to take the locks off of my bag and leave them off, so they could open it at will to search it...
  5. Wow... Stuff like this really pisses me off..I travel like crazy and always lock my bags some how just purely for security reasons, I've never heard of anything like this..But it appears that personal privacy is no longer a factor in anything..
    I guess maybe this only happens in The States? I've never flown into or through the states..and this has never ever happened to me.. but wow..thats crazy..
  6. I have many ways to discourage a search. My all time favourite is, above all of your clothes, place a note typed in very legal font that you have just recently been accepted into Harvard Law. Or perhaps a note from the mayors office stating as following:

    Congratulations on being the number one officer in your field for having shot and killed the most armed criminals in the recent police raid. Your country loves you.

    I often times will find panties unbeknownst to me stuffed in my suitcase.
  7. yes tootsie i am sure it is only a US thing. Privacy doesnt mean shit here nowadays
  8. At PDX, there is a big sign where you check your backs saying to keep your shit unlocked, otherwise they'll unlock it for you during a "random" search. But then again, at PDX a few TSA workers got fired for stealing shit. Hahaaaa. I love airport security.
  9. That's weird, you never heard of this?

    Yeah they've always been allowed to break the locks with no charge.

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