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Anxiety Trying to replace Effexor for PTSD and TBI

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by AlexMcB0311, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. I start smoking before I get going for the day until the evening, remaining "medicated" until I hit the rack. My plan is dab at home and use disposable cannabis oil pens out and about. I just saw a DR Dab pen at a head shop and was wondering if that would be a more cost effective way to medicate rather than using the disposable cartridges. I don't get baked throughout the day; I just get right. It works well for me and it works better than any chemical medication for anything. I absolutely LOVE the person it makes me. I am a former Marine Corps combat infantry veteran of OIF/OEF from 02-06 and have PTSD and a TBI from a car accident I got T-boned by a fully loaded semi with polypropylene. I was in a coma for a month, hospital for 2 months, in patient brain injury rehab for six months. That happened in November '07.

    A little history, I'm 34. I hated marijuana for most of my life until I learned I was smoking too much. I felt like I was on a roller coaster I couldn't get off of. Once I learned what a "green out" was, I realized that's why it was so bad, so I smoked less the next time and found my sweet spot and fell in love. I self medicated with booze upon coming home from Iraq and ended up having to quit because it was out of control. I started drinking occasionally four years later and don't really care to much at all anymore. I've got nothing to prove anymore except chillin harder than most people party.

    I will be moving to Columbus Ohio very soon and will be getting involved in the medical marijuana industry somehow since I have a special skill set and a lot of life experience. I just wAnt to help because I am a huge advocate.

    What are your thoughts?

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  2. Hey how you doin Alex. I also smoke for ptsd,stress,pain and anxiety. Smoked as a teen just to kill time, now I smoke for a reason. I also micro dose hourly with sap or shatter usually high cbd strains (canna tonic, harlequin, AC/DC, shark shock) helps me get through work with no pain and a positive attitude. I have the dr dabber ghost pen. first pen I ever bought for dabbing 2 years ago. Pros- it's cheap you can find it for $40.00 with free shipping, it charges fast, the taste really is good, and it's small and discrete. Cons-doesn't hold much oil,gets really mucky with splatter in mouth piece, replacement coils aren't cheap and only work well for a few months, and you can't take very big hits off of it.
    Not sure what your budget is but I have this vaporizer that does flower and oil so I'm not just limited to buying oil. I've had it for 2 years and haven't had a problem with it yet.
    Boundless CF | Vape Mood
    If I were to buy a new pen today I'd go with the puff co brand no coils,battery last forever, it rips, small and discrete as well. good luck with your purchase.
    Puffco Plus
  3. So by "maintaining" throughout the day, is that considered micro-dosing?

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  4. Yea pretty much but depends on what you like to smoke I micro dose with high cbd strains and come home to a high thc indica strain. What do you consume
  5. Are you dabbing off a nail
  6. Meaning it would be smaller hits still be able to function with milder benefits etc good luck either way
  7. I smoke cannabis oil cartridges, dabs, and flower. Usually two or three hits of a cartridge, one or two dabs, three or so hits of flower. So I get high but I can function. I go about my day and talk to people a do my thing. In the evenings I'll get baked.

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