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trying to pass a drug test?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stonerchick4420, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. ok so the other week  i crashed my car. i asked my parents to loan me money to help me out and they said ok if you pass a drug test. im assuming it will be later tonight. ive been drinking a shit ton of water, and i don't have to worry about that being a prob as it is a shitty at home test i have passed before.  so i have two questions:
    -can i eat? if so what? i want to eat half a burger because I'm starving. is this ok?
    -when should i take vitamin b and how much? i dont really remember when or how much i took last time but it didnt work, and my clear piss made my mom raise her eyebrows.... i mean she ended up not doing anything about it but i would obviously prefer not to sketch her out.
    thanks in advance!!!

  2. get one of ur girls to piss for u. or someone u kno that has been clean easiest way. other then that idk. im on probation easiest way for me is to stay clean so i dont risk it. or go and get a fake pee thing from a local headshop
  3. my mom watches me 
  4. Don't eat fatty foods, look up ways to dilute your pee, you can take b vitamins and I think aspirin to dilute it. Cranberry juice helps, try to pee the last bit into the toilet because that has the most thc. I think high times has some good articles about what to do check out the website hope this helps good luck I'm in in a similar situation

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