Trying to lst my first grow (microgrow)

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  1. Does it look about right? The stems feel really loose in the soil, so im afraid to bend any more. This is day 19 in soil. I just switched from 24/0 to 18/6 and the plants just look happier.

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  2. looks good man. dont lst again till the top of the plant has straightened up, and grown another node set/ inch or 2 of growth.
  3. Thanks!

    These are 2 white widow and 1 amnesia plant.

    Should I put something underneath the stem to supper it as well while it is bent?
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    Yeah kinda,
    take a string and in the opposite direction of where the plant is bent, tie it from the main stem, to your pot, this supports the plant and prevents up rooting, and this is called the 'anchor'

    Heres my best pic of it, look at the white string
  5. Do you see what im saying?

    Heres a different pic (not mine) showing what i mean

  6. It makes perfect sense.

    I just checked on them today after attempting the LST. It seems they have overpowered the hangers i set up a little. They are bushy little bastards i tell you!

    I am going to attempt to set something up though. Is it ok to top them and LST them at the same time? This is a microgrow set up, and i just want a small bushy plant. I am going to probaly flip the switch in another week as I dont want them to get root bound.
  7. Might i suggest llarge paper clips rather than what your working with right now. They are supper skinny, easy to bend, and can go deep in the soil.

    Right now, imo they are to small to top now, and usually if your gonna top and LST, most growers usiing this method prefer to top at about the end of veg, when most of the lst is down. Ive never tried lsting and topping at the same time, but you should try to look it up. (I am refering to the circle method of lst)

    I guess i should ask, Whats lst method are you doing?
  8. I was hoping to set up a see of green in my microgrow set up. I just want to fill the tree pots out with bud sites. I read somewhere that it's important to top early to promote earl branching out and to keep the plant small.
  9. hey kb i saw your lst diagram somewhere else, and i was wondering if the mainstem HAS to stretch all the way around the pot, i.e. to cut down vegging time. is this still lst then anyways? haha any info helps thanks man
  10. it doesnt have to go all the way around just how ever long you wanna veg it. And oh yea its lst still
  11. if you let it get all the way around the pot though it looks AMAZING and grows alot of budsites

    one of my girls a few months back:
  12. that is true for just plain old topping alone, but lst alone will promote way more bushing out then topping alone,(when done early), and also more even of canopy.

    With lst you get nodes growing on nodes, growing on those nodes.
  13. should you stop lst method once you hit the flowering state?
  14. Some do some dont, its up to you. If they grow and get a little outta control, no harm in some more lst.

    LST is a lot better than HST in that, no HST training can be done in flower, but LST is very low stress
  15. Subbed, Best of Luck.
  16. How bout an update
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    I just fed the autoflower plant with big bud. This is its second feeding with neuts. I used a 1/2 dose feeding today. I am slowing building up to a full dose of feeding

    im going to leave the autoflower alone. It just started to turn a little frosty, and im only about 8 days into flower on it. Im not going to get shit for a yield off of it, but its a "cute" plant. It was a freebee seed, and a learning experience.

    I fed the white widow some grow big nutrients today. The water was at 6.9 but the run off was at around 6.3-4. Im not too happy with that, but I think its ok for now. I will hit it with a flush the next watering.

    I also transplanted the white widow into a bigger pot, topped it, and LSTed it. The result has been fantastic. I have soooo many tops. I have been trying to pull the tops out so they receive a ton of light as I continue to LST. I am going to go into full on flower mode next week I believe as I dont think I can handle it getting any bigger in the pot (since it is a micro grow)

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  18. Another picture from this morning. 1 day after.

    I would say this is working out well.

    I actually tied down more branches to make room for potential nodes/tops to come about. I am at 14 tops now from what I can tell. I am going to top a few of them this coming week, then switch into flower. I also gave her a nice feeding of nutrients yesterday. Man she looks happy.

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    another update. This is the second week of flower. I say the little bit of training i did worked out well! Some people grow trees. I just want to grow a bush!

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  20. Niiiiice!!

    Training worked excellently

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