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  1. These are three bagseeds from the same bag. Plants are in coco perlite. Similar to hempy. Feeding cns-17 grow at 10ml/gal and calimagic at 2-3ml/gal. Hydroguard 2ml/gal. Using tap water in SF. Comes out at 8.4 ph 65-85 ppm. I readjust to 5.5-5.9 ph. The mix usually comes to about 850 ppm. Temps outdoors have been lowest 51 around 5 in the morning and highest temps of 85 this past week. I used azamax as a systemic last week Monday and was planning on reapplying tommorow but I'm not sure if I should considering the plants condition. Since this is my first grow I didn't realize how droopy my leaves were this whole grow until I went to my friends house and saw how his leaves look. I'm pretty sure they have experienced wind burn and I have since put up a bamboo screen. Beyond that new growth at the top is purplish and taco like on 2 plants and a spider made his nest in the top of one of them. First 6 pictures are plant one then next 4 are plant 2 then last 5 are plant 3. Suggestions please. I hope I have provided enough information and pictures. If any more are needed please ask.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. You already posted this and people told you it was over watered
  3. I figured that by posting in two separate threads it would posdibly come across more eyes and possibly get more responses I mentioned that the plants were only watered twice in the past week in the last thread and that they were light when I lifted them before watering. They were bone dry, as in fluffy coco, stuck my whole finger in there and there was zero moisture. The plants are in Coco and as I have read, it is pretty hard to overwater in Coco. I asked in the other thread if leaves recover from over watering and didn't get an answer but rather someone else saying the same thing. I'm not trying to come off as mean or an asshole or anything but I hope you understand why I think it's not over watering and possibly assist me in coming up with other solutions.

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  4. combo of roots being too wet ..
    and the rootzone temp getting too high...the plants can actually stand alot more heat than we think ..BUT the rootzone would need to be cool for that to be the case ...your pots are outside on a hot deck in the summer? problem is simple too much HEAT ..find a way to shade the pot and leave the plant in the sun....they really don't like anything over 85 ..but won't die or wilt like that because of a hot day....the medium needs to remain moist ..not soaked ...and "cool" compared to the plant itself ....


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  5. I will investigate this and try to come up with an idea to shade the pots somehow.

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