Trying to get a grow started again.

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  1. Long story short(kinda)....
    Haven’t grown in awhile and wanted to start again. Bought a complete setup from amazon.
    36”x20”x63” tent, 600w led, fan,filter, timer. Pretty much everything was included.
    Germinated some lettuce and okra trying to dial things in til my beans came in.
    Been running them in the tent for close to 2 weeks and they haven’t budged an inch for some reason.
    The last grows I did we’re in a 4x4x6 tent with a 250w MH/HPS. With great results.
    I seemed to be able to keep my temps in check better before.
    Right now I’m running at 90* and with an led that can’t even grow lettuce.
    I’m thinking of reworking everything and going back to MH?
    Any suggestions?
  2. What brand led is it? I highly doubt its 600 actual watts
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    From what I can see it’s rated at an actual 220w.
    Here’s what I got.
  4. 220 watts is fine for the tent size you have. You gotta get your temps down man. 90* is just ridiculous. How are you getting it that high? When I was using viparspectra pulling 540 watts in a 4x4 my temps were high 70’s and had my house at 72 degrees.
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  5. That’s what I’m not understanding. There’s nothing in there but the light and a little fan blowing around. My house is at 74*.
    I may have to run a duct from my AC direct to my tent
  6. What about your inline/exhaust fan and charcoal filter? Is that not hooked up? If not then that’s your problem.. you have to have some fresh air being pulled in there.
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  7. I do believe that’s the problem. I don’t know what I was thinking. I over looked that. I was just trying to keep it simple until I got my beans in there.
    Lights out I was at 73*. Installed my fan and after 2 hours of lights on it was only 76*. I’ll check it this evening and see where it is.
    Thanks for the help
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  8. Well I got home and the temp was 85*
    That was with one of the bottom flap doors open, so I opened the other and it dropped to 82*.
    I’m going to try and get it down a little more.
  9. Is the exhaust fan cranked all the way up? Where are you taking the temps at? You want the temp right above the canopy.
  10. Yeah the fan is running full blast. The temp is at the top of my bucket.
    I’m going to get another thermometer and check it because it doesn’t feel 85* in the tent
  11. Got my temps under control as best as I can. It tops out at 79* with lights on all day.
    Now I’m wondering if I can use the led light I have for my seedling?
    I usually go with a CFL setup but thought I’d try the led to keep heat down in the tent.
    I thought I’d keep the led at the top of the tent til it adjusted and slowly lower it
  12. It was $356 w/ free shipping.

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