Trying to find the best seed banks

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Best smoke ever, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. I'm looking for a good seed bank ??? Where is best one out there that's got the best seeds.?? I have ran out and I'm about to go crazy trying to find one or 2.. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN GUYS & GIRLS!!!
  2. I av always used goriila lv xx
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  3. Do you have the website??
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  4. Two mins and get ya link lv x
  5. Hi. Im back. Ive got an invioce and checked it and its rite lv. It is

    They ship anywere in world too. Xx
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  6. Ive always ad their feminized seeds for a few yr off em. I av never been let down. A bit of a pain once but only cos tuk 2 weeks for my last lot of jacks but normally they deluvery within a week xx
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  7. OK thanks
  8. Welcum love. Happy growing xx
  9. Oregon Elite Seeds
    Anything by Red Eyed Genetics is fire

    And the vault has always been pretty good to me.

    Good luck dude!
  10. I love Nirvana they ship world wide & got mine in 10 days !! paid 35 for everything, even got 10 free seeds even though I only ordered 4 =)

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  11. I ordered offline from Bonza Seed Bank and they sent me my seeds in a timely manner, I paid about $9 for both seeds I bought plus I paid $16 in shipping for super discreet and resends, I was worried it wouldn't be discreet but they sent me a phone case with the seeds in a little pod hiding in the phone case container. It was awesome and great seeds

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