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Trying To Find Hash In Cairo, Egypt

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by gangsta9898, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Trying to find Hash in cairo beacuse im gonna be here for 4 months and im dying for a smoke :/. Anyone got any tips or past experiences of buying hash in Egypt.

  2. Follow the camels, they are never completely dry. :smoke:
  3. Go to a small neighborhood, or a hookah lounge
  4. Im in area called Dokki and its all apartment buildings so i dont know about small neighborhoods.  Hmm I could ask in a hookah lounge but idk. Maybe I should just ask somone that looks like they smoke.
  5. be careful though, some people dont play there about that
  6. I know thats why I didnt just do that in the first place. I wish there was another way, I dont want to go up to somone I dont know and ask them where to get drugs lol especailly in a foreighn country. (I know Arabic btw so that helps a little bit)
  7. go to like a poor part of the city, or a taxi driver, or somebody who knows like they know a lot of people lol. 
  8. ok ill try tommorow the first taxi i rode in egypt the guy had a bumper sticker with a weed plant and words dream.(I was with my grandma :/)
  9. Thanks so its safe to just ask someone? And ill see how close that shisha place is to me and see if i can go there.
  10. Personally I never been there since I never been there so I wouldn't know but remember to play it safe.
  11. I walked around my area but didnt see anybody who looked like they smoked. Im gonna try my luck again tommorow. I havent smoked in more than 2 months :(.
  12. I haven't smoked since thanks giving I feel your pain bro. :(
  13. You'll find it. Go to inner cities or the poorer areas and you're more than likely to find it.
  14. some guy online told me he will hook me up. Doesnt seem like a cop so imma see whats good (No not on grasscity since thats against the rules).
  15. seems sketch. may not be a cop, but if it is getting arrested in another country is a rough experience. You could also get robbed or worse so be careful on this one...
  16. #17 gangsta9898, Jun 14, 2013
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    only gonna buy a small amount at first and i have a scale. and he sounds legit so i guess im gonna see whats good. Im not gonna bring lots of money only enough to buy what i want and how much would 100 egyption pounds get me? Im guessing a good amount since hash in egypt is cheap.
  17. Still dude, people in other countries like to single out foreigners so either way be careful. The internet is a VERY misleading place sometimes. Could be legit though, but just as easily may not. Either way good luck on the hash hunt haha.
  18. #19 gangsta9898, Jun 14, 2013
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    thanks man, ill keep that mind. Im gonna ask him for a picture of his hash to see his hash and ill be careful. It helps that im 6 '4 to lol and I know the egyption police lol they wouldnt take their time to set people up online but you never know so i guess ill see. Hopefully im not on the new season of "Locked up abroad" :p
  19. Yeah you might wanna avoid getting on that show lol. While they are likely not going to take the time to set people up like that online, you have to remember that probally just applies to the locals; as a foreigner you are much much easier to target for things like that. If it is a small amount thought I doubt it is a police set up as they are after the people who plan to smuggle large quantities out of the country.

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