Trying to be the best BF ever. Please Help.

Discussion in 'General' started by Agent7, Jan 20, 2014.

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    Hi every one im new to the forum. Ive been a long time browser and now made an account. So I have a problem my GF birthday is coming up and I really want to wow her. She desperatly needs a bong. Me, her, and her dad alll share one glass pipe and its a cheap one because her dad always breaks them. SO I know she loves Pokemon. (Dont judge asssholes ;P ) So I want to get her a badass pokemon bong. but yet the internet has failed me. So any suggestions one where I could get one or have one blown custom without spending an ass load of money.
                                                  Thank You

  2. Now that's bad ass.
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    Ok maybe it does but idk where to get it. And tbh i wish i had a gf that liked pokemon that shits my jam
  4. damn that looks sick as hell
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    Yeah but where? I dont think its real ive seen it once before in an old forum post.. who made it? I need someone to make me one like that or something along those lines.
  6. i need a link
  7. Yeah those are all pipes. they are super cool I saw them. Just nothing in the bong department.
  8. So any one know a custom glass blower?
  9. You can probably find a Pokemon bowl and put it on a regular bong. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  10. Is your girlfriend from Florida by any chance?
  11. Honestly that bong looks photoshopped.Buy a clear bong and throw a bunch of pokemon decals on it. 
  12. I'm from florida
  13. yea man, youre better off buying a nice clear bong and decorating it yourself. trust me, she will love all the time and thought you put into it and will appreciate it heartily.
  14. [quote name="Agent7" post="19381106" timestamp="1390332392"]I'm from florida[/quote]Is your girlfriend part deaf, by any chance?
  15. No not at all
  16. tell that LAAAAYYYDEEEE to poke ur balls
  17. couldn't you just buy a nice bong and put pokemon stickers on it?

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