Try to fix this or just let her go?

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  1. Hi

    This girl is 11 weeks 12/12, 7 weeks since visible preflowers. I had 3 other siblings with her flowering in this small space for 4 weeks until she showed hairs. Since none of the plants could really grow in the small space, flowering was slowed down I think. Besides, 70w HPS isn't very much light for 4 plants to share. Anyway, my temps are around 80 with light on, and about 65 with it off. Airflow is strong and ventilation is good. I didn't begin feeding until I began 12/12 schedule. I am using GH flora 3part in plain soil, slightly less than full recommended strength. watering has been about every 5 days. I was feeding every other watering until last time when i noticed this getting worse, I didn't feed 2 weeks in a row. She is in a 2 gallon container. I am just getting a yellowing and dieing off of old fan leaves, and a sort of drying out and yellowing/browning of other newer fan leaves. I used to have the walls lined with emergency blankets, but I took it down because I thought I may have some heat burn. I'm not sure what it is. It looks like it could be a number of things. My question is should i try to fix these problems, or just let her finish? By the way, I have no clue on the strain, this was my bagseed experiment for this enclosure. I am thinking of just continuing to flush until its over. I havent been paying attention to pH btw, this is an experiment remember?


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  2. All you can do really is take it easy on nutes, water her when she needs it, and hope for the best.

  3. Hey man. Towards the end of flower it is completely normal to have the leaves turn yellow/brown. This is just the normal nitrogen deficiency that plants get. I certainly would not feed them any more if you are going to harvest soon. Flush the soil a few times from now until harvest. As you mentioned, 70 watts is very low for 3 plants. For three you should have closer to 250 watts. Anyway, enjoy your smoke there.
  4. Smkn, you think that's just normal leaf yellowing? I thought it had some curling and some deformation on the blades. I can't tell real easily from the pic though, so I'd want a second (or third) opinion. I don't know what it is, but that plant just doesn't look healthy to me.
  5. Yeah Up4.
    It may not be the normal yellowing, you may be right. See how the margins are still green? I wonder if it is magnesium deficient. Try giving it some Epsom salt. It can't hurt. The thing is though since he is so deep into flowering, I don't know if it is worth fixing at this point. Also, I wonder what the PH is at as well since he has not checked it. Have you looked at the buds under magnification? I wonder how long until finished.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I think there is something not right about the look of it too. I need to get my radioshack microscope out tonight and check trichs. I guess it depends on how much longer she has, wether I feed again or no. I thought this one would be done by now. I almost just want to be done with her and start again, now that I know this enclosure will work. Next time I'm not starting with 4 candidates, because I ran out of room fast with only 12X12X30" of space. I'll have to try my luck at a girl with less candidates so they have room to grow when 12/12 starts.

    I think I need to check pH. If not with this girl, then the next one for sure. Tap water seemed to work fine in the beginning, but maybe not now. Maybe I am getting some lockout now late in flowering. Maybe I'm a little rootbound. Maybe next time i'll go hydro, swc style, it seems to work better with smaller mediums. Two gallons of soil isn't that much. Although for pH, I think soil is more forgiving. Ahhh.. so many choices...
  7. I wasn't necessarily disagreeing, it just doesn't look good. I agree with you though, I'd just finish it out if it's late into it. It still may be nothing, but it just doesn't look healthy overall.
  8. Well since yesterday it has gotten a little worse. I'm not too worried though. Yeild should still suffice until next time. Trichs are mostly cloudy, some clear. I guess the picture doesn't do her any justice. I had to LST her like a SOB after the stretch and ended up with three decently sized colas and a bunch of smaller ones. I guess the question is how long I let her eat herself alive.
  9. Did you give her the Epsom salt? You can get that stuff at Wal-Mart
  10. No I pretty much am just waiting it out. The two branches that had essentially stopped growing and matured fast I chopped. The rest of her isn't done yet. The remaining buds were late in forming and are still growing. They will probably develop the same deficiency eventually, maybe they will be done in a week or two. I believe I have some hard alkaline water, so next time I need to pay close attention to pH. Epsom salts would probably have helped this plant a while ago, but it's too late. She won't need watered again for about 5 days. I'm thankful for the suggestions, however. They will come in handy next time.

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  11. Ok Sounds good. I am changing my diagnosis to a phosphorus deficiency. It looks just like that. Now you will know for next time. Use a fert high in p next time during flower.
  12. OK here is the rest of her. These buds developed a week or two after the first onset of preflowers. So, that have been flowering for about 6-7 weeks. Again, that is a total of about 12 weeks with 12/12 lighting. This plant was very immature when flowered. I don't think I have time for some ferts and then flushing. She is showing signs of the deficiency.

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  13. Hey bro, how's it going?

    I'm new to this site, but not new to growing. I can see you've done a pretty good job on growing so far aside from the deficiency / lock-out. I've got a similar problem with my own plant at the moment, but I think I solved it with a good flush and a general replacing of some basic trace elements. I'm thinking it was a magnesium lock-out due to a low pH, which happens a lot in soil grows -- especially those like mine where the soil and fertilizers are Miracle-Gro and Ironite! I don't think I could do it without the Ironite, though -- virtually no NPK value aside from 1% urea nitrogen, and the rest is trace elements [ calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc ]. My regular fertilizers, added with this, supplement the additional boron, copper, and NPK values [ 3-1-1 veg; 1-2-1 and 1-5.2-1 for flowering ]

    First pictures a blurry, terrible picture of the whole plant; second picture's a primary affected area of the deficiency / lock-out.

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  14. Hey thanks for your input. My trouble now is whether or not I feed her anymore. She'll need watered ina few days, But she will probably be done within a few weeks. I think i'm with VTEC in the phosphorus deficiency. If I fed her some kool bloom she would probably love it. I just don't think I have enough time left to fertilize and then flush before harvest. What do you think?
  15. Well, it can be any number of problems. One idea is that the nitrogen is being depleted from the fanleaves naturally because it may be getting near the end of it's life cycle. You say it's been in 12/12 for six - seven weeks, and she does look like an Indica dominant strain.

    Another likely possibility is that the salt levels raised in the soil, making it more acid based and thus lowering the pH, locking out phosphorous, potassium, and some valuable trace elements in the process. You say you use the three part General Hydroponics flora package -- are you using just the FloraBloom and FloraMicro, and how much? Also, did you use any fertilizers / nutrients before and what brand of soil are you using?

    Feeding every other watering isn't a good thing, so it's a good chance you may have a lock-out. The best course of action is to leech the soil -- that is, just flush it with three gallons of pH adjusted water [ ~6.5 ] to every gallon of soil in the container. This will remove all the salts that have built up in the soil [ I hope the pot's got drainage ]. Then, when the soil dries out for the next watering, feed it a 1/4 recommended dosage of FloraBloom and MicroBloom with some pH balanced water, again in the 6.5 range for optimum nutrient uptake.

    It's important to lay off the nitrogen as much as possible during flowering. Higher Phosphorous levels will promote the onset of flowering, and nurture it in the process.

    I included a chart so you'd get a good idea of the levels of nutrients cannabis uptakes; soil and hydroponic charts are included.

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  16. Atoke,
    Do you know the PH of your soil? If you think you have 3 weeks left until harvest, you can feed them one more time. Kush, your second picture also looks like a phosphorus deficiency.
  17. Hm, you think? I was thinking it was a Phosphorous deficiency myself, maybe even a little Potassium. Maybe it was due to a lock-out, because my soil was really acidic before I brought it back up.

    I did also flush all the crap out of the soil when I leeched it two days ago, and all my nutrients are water soluble so they get washed out pretty easily. Maybe I should give them a light 400 PPM feeding of the 1-5.2-1?
  18. Kush
    What is the PH of your soil? Yes try the 1-5.2-1 feeding. Can't hurt.
  19. The pH registered pretty far below 6.2 on the litmus test, but everything else was fine [ nitrite, nitrates, alkalinity, and hardness ]. The run-off test after the flushing two nights ago indicated a pH of 6.0 with considerably lower levels of nutrients in the water. When I say considerably lower, the water run off had a total hardness that registered below 300 PPM for all total dissolved solids.
  20. If the PH did'nt go below 6.0 I would guess that you are NOT getting any nutrient lock-out. Give them your fert high in P and that should curtail any further problems.

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