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Try this:

Discussion in 'General' started by RMJL, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. congratulations! yay i win!!

    first try too. this day is looking up!

    (seems like i just needed to blaze.. isnt that always the truth)
  2. ::: best Cartman voice :::

    i hate you guys

    I only got 5. My eyes would get dry and I'd get lost not to mention I'm lost for real and not just there.
  3. beat it---first try...easy as fuck

    Now I have to try it while high.
  4. i'm high as fuck. and it's impossible. i only got to 7. but i only tried once. my eyes are dry now too. lol

    it was fun!! thanks :)

  5. same here
  6. And here...
  7. Beat it at the second attempt....
  8. all you get is a stupid congrats for winning? pfft

    i got it on my 3rd try, and i'll be honest and say that i completely guessed on the last one... its impossible to know for sure...

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  9. that's crazy.. i got 3 ahahah
  10. tried it twice, 7 on both. I agree the last is a guess... though maybe people have really high coordination and can actually follow that one.

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