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Try this when STONED, I promise you'll like it!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by UniqueGrass, Apr 16, 2013.

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    Last night I got stoned from 2 hits of a water bong and 4 hits of a 16.9 FL gravity bong. I took a 4 day T-Break, and my tolerance wasn't high before then either, so it felt kinda like the first time. The weed was $5 a gram.

    What To Do:
    Stand up and put your arms out like Jesus, but back more and lean forward so your heels are off the ground, hold that position and close your eyes. Now change your breathing to 7 seconds in, 7 seconds out. FEEL it.

    [​IMG] Much like this, but no shoes, off your heels, and arms higher, but still comfortable.

    To get an idea of how high you have to be, lay down on something and if you feel like you're traveling in a roller coaster, you are high enough. What happens to me is a ball of energy travels through my arms or legs slowly.

    Blaze up, enjoy, and post your experiences!

    Edit: Just found this, try it: You know that 'roller coaster feeling' when you close your eyes, well... "Focus the energy you feel to the base of your spine, it should become a rather tangible feeling ball of energy near your asshole. Then once you have that accomplished try moving that energy upwards through your body and notice the affect it has as it passes through each part of your body... a surprise waits in store for you if you can get it all the way to your brain."
  2. So what's the end result?
  3. Hey kid... You were just stoned.
  4. $5 gram is the only thing I can remember from this post LOL.
  5. Huh wtf did I just read ?
  6. hmmm... dont see this catching on
  7. do a deep squat while taking a hit
  8. First of all, if your sitting/laying down and get up fast you can have a blood rush to your head. SO of course your going to feel "higher".

    Secondly, breathing exercises like the one OP is advocating help release DMT and other chemicals into your brain.

    [ame=]Breathing Technique | Releases DMT in the Light Headed Sensation of the Breath - YouTube[/ame]
  9. I'll give this a try!
  10. I tired this and all the THC and cannabinoids all rushed and accumulated in my chest where an alien baby broke out screeching, causing my death.
    I am dead now but this post was able to surface due my remaining spiritual energy or some shit.
  11. If you need more than just weed alone to feel good, you've got serious problems and shouldn't be using mind-altering substances.. o_O
  12. Thats a bit harsh man
  13. Its combining weed and your naturaly produced mind altering substances. Also mangos increase your high from what ive heard (never experienced it myself though) but theyre really juicy and are amazing when youre high
  14. Fuck I did this and it gave me aids
  15. Spark up a bowl while taking a fat shit.

    It's actually pretty epic. :bongin:
  16. When you're STONED, masturbate.
    I promise you'll like it!
  17. You're like the guy from half baked...

    Have you ever tried this? .... Have you ever tried this, highhhhh?

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