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Try it or nahh?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smoked All Dat, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Well, I had a male plant. Yes, a male plant. He ended up getting fucked over by the wind and his stem was snapped. He was only like a foot tall, not very bushy. I dried all of him in some foil (my old fashioned hippie friend did it.) and all cut up, leaves an all, look like theres lots of trichs. It's not buds, but it just looks like the leaves that come off the bud haha. It smells pretty vile to be honest. I was reluctant to smoke it and didn't.. was just wondering if it was worth trying.

    Im thinking about sticking it all in a mason jar for a few weeks, and see how it comes out.

    It smells kinda like dirt and a strange different smell with it. It still looks like weed though, but like I said, not buds.

    It's strange because it just looks like the small leaves that are always on your bud. trichs and all.

    Only reason I didn't want to smoke it was because of the smell.
  2. i'd make some hash oil out of it or something. idk though, im not very experienced in that :cool:
  3. Roast a bowl and go from there :smoke:
  4. the best thing u can do is properly dry it and then make hash out of it or cannabutter
  5. It's fully dried.

    It was a small plant and cut up without the main stem it's only like 1/4 ounce of some leafy trichs things.

    The only thing -- last time I saw it when my friend opened it, there seemed to be mold on it. I was high, could be wrong.

    I dont see mold now but like I said, it's chopped it.

    Don't want to risk getting sick when I could easilly get my hands on some real bud, ill probably cure it first.
  6. yeah cure it and then make hash out of it. 1/4 ounce will make some decent sized hash especially if you're seeing visible trichromes on the material

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