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  1. When you think about it there is way more good in the world than bad. Too many people think the world is going to shit, when all they here 75% of the time is the negatives in the world by which the media brings the most attention too.

    It's been really starting to bug me how more and more people in today's world are only pointing out the negatives. Alot of what I see now from the media and people in general is just them speaking negative of the future. On how the economy, dependence of certain resources, and war/hatred are going to ruin the life we sustain on this planet.

    What im trying to get at is. Deep within society there are the good people and 100's of millions of them. Those are the people that don't get noticed or attention from the media. But those people are moving the world forward, no matter what horrible events occur on it's blunt cruise to success.

    The world may see like a corrupt piece of shit, but there are WAY more good people out there. And that's why society will not end. Don't over think or pay attention the the evilness that may surround you. Keep your head high and do what's right in life and the world will keep pushing forward. Because of the good people out there. Which all of you guys and gals are.

    I want to say thanks to the people who keep society's blunt cruise to success continue. I was gonna tweet something along this topic but as you could see I don't have enough characters lol. So I turned to The GC community. Have a good weak everyone! Good vibes from the Dead center of 'Merica!

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