Trumpets Trump Drumpf

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tree dogg, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. What's the point of ridiculing someone's last name?

    Super edgy.

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  2. Truly.

    Why did Drumpf see fit to do so?

    Super edgy... :confused:
  3. Is that a real question?
    And do you expect me to have an answer?

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  4. Meh they know they've lost so they're just flinging shit and pouting its pretty amusing.

    Same know nothing trend followers that probably took place in that whole Bruce vs Caitlin bullshit(they wouldnt dare refer to him as Bruce).

    "Gutman" is Bernies last name then while we are stooping down to that idiotic shit flinging level.

    Its really just dumb millennials going "hur hur hur drumpf sounds like kumpf which was that book that big meanie with the little mustache wrote".
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    I guess I'm adjusting from the social taboo of being labeled something for questioning a president with a name like Barack Hussein Obama.

    But yeah... Those fucking Germans, right?

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  6. I was more fascinated by the use of music to protest. Gotta love NOLA
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  7. Cool story Hansel!

    Trump is like having the last name Winner, Ultimate, or McBombass.
  8. I bet Saddam the cheeky bastard would have claimed himself and Obama were cousins if George hadn't hung him.

    We could do with the likes of Saddam now.Those IS lads were kept under their rocks on Saddam's watch.

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  9. The papers run articles against him every single day in NYC, including headlines, mocking him, but he keeps getting more popular despite it all. He may very well have the last laugh after all, come November.
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  10. No surprise. NYC and the MSM are disgustingly liberal so oxide they are gonna trash him and since they tend to have the loudest mouths it superficially appears that public opinion detests him when reality is more often than not totally diffrent from the MSM liberal narrative.

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