Trump pushing for war with Russia/Iran

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SmokinP, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. At the same time as crying about 'CNN Fake News' Trump is also spewing gobbeldygook about Syria.

    The Shite House's assertion that Assad is about to drop chemical weapons in Syria is hilarious considering the US sees no problem with using chemical weapons itself.

    All the signs are pointing towards yet more US warmongering in the ME.

    U.S. Brings A "Staggering Loss of Civilian Life" To Syria
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  2. The Shite House, hahaha, I'll be using that one.
    I've always liked how y'all pronounce that. Do you actually use it as in "man, I gotta take a shite" or is it just "man, I gotta take a Trump".
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  3. It could be I have to take a shite or you're full of shite. It's very similar to shit really.

    To trump is to break wind from the anus. To fart. It would mainly be used by old fogeys or their like.
  4. Love "Shite House". :laughing:

    I've heard some rumblings that the White House threatened Syria again this week, too. But CNN's blunder is taking up most of the news headlines.
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  5. I'd be inclined to agree with the analysis below from Veterans Today. Trump has shown himself to be submissive to the Israeli/Saudi alliance.

    These bastards will do all they can to get the US to wage war on Iran and Trump is falling for it hook, line and sinker.

    "The Israeli regime or the Neocons in the United States have total control of the Trump administration with respect to the situation in Syria. If you don’t think so, then a recent statement by the Pentagon may draw you to that conclusion.

    The Trump administration has recently released a statement saying that Assad is preparing to launch a chemical attack again on his own people, which would give the United States “legitimate” reasons to attack the Syrian government again. The New York Times itself declared that

    “Several military officials were caught off guard by the statement from President Trump’s press secretary…"

    In other words, no one knew where the Trump administration got the idea that a chemical attack by the Assad government was imminent. The Times suggested that they got it from America’s ally, Israel: “Any intelligence gathered by the United States or its allies — notably Israel, which keeps a robust watch on unconventional weapons in the Middle East — would by nature be classified.”

    Pentagon: Trump presumably got “the Syrian chemical attack” lie from Israel | Veterans Today
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    Yo weren't y'all Democrats saying Trump was plotting with the Russian government? Now he wants to make war on em? Well *y'all better watch CNN for insights*

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  7. Who did?
  8. How do you always know this stuff?
  9. I ain't no democrat comrade. I despise both parties equally, no discrimination here.
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  10. The Ayatollah what's apps me on a regular basis with updates.
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  11. America needs to be stopped and have their WMD destroyed.

    They are a danger to world peace and their citizens need to be freed from their economic slavery.
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  12. I agree but I'd leave them be at home. It's up to Americans to decide what happens in the US. That power always needs to be left in their hands. When there's enough popular support in the US for change it will come and until then all we can do is keep shouting about it.

    Anyway we can't disrupt the production of porn in the US. It's the one good thing America gives us, well that and Marlboro Lights. I tried boycotting US porn but there's only so much hairy pasty woman a man can take. It's bad enough having to face into it without having to watch films of it.
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  13. sorry.. been too drunk to follow up with the Trump reality show..

    Wait a minute .. I thought Putin and Trump were fuck buddies?
  14. They're like jocks or rugby boys. All buddies in the bar but they want to smash each other on the field.
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  15. Well ..

    I don't think there's ever been two superpowers who have had a sustained bromance in the history of mankind. Hitler once dreamed of a bromance with Stalin .. but then double-crossed him.
  16. I realize there's sarcasm in your post there.

    But on a serious note, I think it's more fair to say Democrats as well as establishment Republicans were the one's warning Trump that the Russia relationship is a lot more complex than he was giving credit to during his campaign. His pie in the sky notion that better relations were just a phone call away if we elected him was seen as naive and reckless by those with actual political experience. And rightfully so. I think now that he's in the hot seat, has intelligence on a regular basis, has seen the Putin regime's slippery actions in Syria for himself, etc. his attitude is changing. It's not that Russia is THE enemy from Rambo and Top Gun movies. It's that our interests do not align. Putin does what's best for him and his, Trump needs to do what's best for us. Unfortunately this causes friction sometimes.
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  17. I believe the experts call it hate fucking.
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  18. Maybe he WAS right and the Dems LYING attempts at warmongering fucked it off?
    We might've been better off as a nation to be supportive of the commaner n chiefs attempts at peaceful international interaction...
    You mean those jaded dishonest politicians who's style of thinking has and will continue to fuck us all?
    Where YOU there? What have YOU or I seen of Putin's Syrian relations? I don't live in Syria, you?
    Or he's a devious prick who didn't happen to tell you or smokingP over there what he REALLY thought...

    ...maybe he wanted to be seen to offer the hand of friendship before the good old American pimp slap of retribution
    yeah that's called politics

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