Trump declares US ready to invade Venezuela

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SmokinP, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Yes you're reading this correctly blades, Venezuela could be the next stop on the US warmongering world tour!

    Trump has declared that the US is ready to invade Venezuela. We all know he's a lunatic but this has caught me by surprise. Is there any end to this man's lunacy?

    Trump threatens 'military option' in Venezuela as crisis escalates
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  2. China has laid down the law regarding North Korea . A real president / leader should be far more worried about that than anything else that's going on . China can afford to lose 1 million men a day on the battlefield . Trump needs to reel his mouth in and at least act like the leader of the free world . You'd be better off with Ted and Mark Wahlberg in charge .
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  3. Things are really heating up on this season of Trump's America, what does he want with Venezuela? Has the Russian investigation finally caught up with him? And what will he do about that pesky DPRK? Stay tuned to find out on next week's episode!
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  4. When a Magician is doing a trick he never points it out till after it is done. If he is shouting and looking in a direction, I would see what the Assistant is doing.
    Trump in political trouble?...Let's see what 2 of the world's poorest nations are up to. Can't attack China or Russia? Who are their "little brothers"?
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  5. I don't think trump is a lunatic. I love how bush was made out to be a idiot. Trump is a lunatic. Going to blow up the world bla bla bla bla and Obama was a gift and couldn't do anything wrong
    All this stuff going on with Korea, do y'all really believe everything we hear? For the last five mornings they have a Korea update on the news. It's the same thing. Now they talking about Venezuela.
    Are y'all actually surprised we have a plan? We better have a plan for all scenarios.
    Invading venezuela??? Y'all really think the leader of the free world would waste troops like that?
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  6. They won't invade Venezuela or north Korea.
    The hysteria is out of control.
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  7. Bush was never made out to be an idiot .... it was all his own work . He couldn't find the door he entered by to get off stage . He couldn't remember a simple quote that was supposed to be his favorite , he couldn't find his ass with both hands , and he's a war criminal . I do think Trump would invade Venezuela , i think the guy would do anything for airtime . I've never seen a world leader who has no idea what he's saying as he's actually saying it .... the ventriloquists arm is definitely all the way up that guy
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  8. image.jpg
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  9. Once again False fear mongering News
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  10. Are we ready for a soft revolution yet?

    People blame the US or the people of the US, but I would like to point out that it is merely a tool of elites. Even if the US remedies itself, the elite will find another country to set up as their strong arm.

    Britain, Venice, Rome, Babylon etc.

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  11. Great words.

    The hysteria really is out of control, and the people reading/watching it EAT IT THE FUCK UP. They love it.

    Talking to people like you, smokin P. You are a great consumer! Lol
  12. Gee, what a shocker. I have compiled a list of people (friend or foe) and countries (allied with the US or not) that Trump has not denigrated in public or threatened with military action:

    Vladimir Putin
    The Trump Family.
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  13. Ah the great Illuminati ! , you know that's one of the only thing's that has not been used as a defence for a war criminal or mass murderer ..... Their not some mystical gathering .... it's just a bunch of fat, bored very rich people who need to fill the time between Box Sets .
  14. History repeating itself, wasn't it just last year Kim was making the same threats? Then everybody forgot about them. Same thing will happen here. I give it a couple more weeks before the new focus is Venezuela then that will be forgotten and news will die down again .
  15. I keep hearing that Donald dumb is gonna start a nuclear war and I can't help liking the idea. The sun is much nicer after a storm. The many deaths would be a horrible thing though
  16. Funny how for some posters the thread's become the problem and not what The Donald said he might do.
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  17. Oh STIGGY, I will never tire of you.

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  18. I bet I can find numerous threads from over the years on here with people freaking out about being nuked by NK.

    It's just not gonna happen.
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  19. Don't worry there won't be a nuclear war.
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  20. Well the media here makes it look like thecold war has just come back. And from what I see about trump he'd nuke you just for tailgating.

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