Truman Show, and Democracy

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  1. They say that in a democracy, if the rights of one man is oppressed so is everyone's. Well imagine the Truman Show, a life where everything was controlled, and privacy is practically no where to be found, and there were no coincidences. How would everyone's rights be oppressed then? Surely in that world, laws would have been passed in government to allow these things, and probably would have been also stretched to society. Where government controls everything including the people, and people are being monitored. Maybe that society is more focused on wants rather than needs.

  2. Welcome to the American Empire, sir.

  3. >>Implying you know what's better for people than they do.
  4. Do all people know what's good for them?
  5. Do you know what's best for people, despite not knowing anything about them?
  6. I think I could generalize, that this type of society, causes depression for everyone. And that people are capable to get what they need, but they seem to want more, so only to satisfy their sadness, it is materialism. I believe people should have the natural right of living peacefully, self-sufficiently, and ......naturally, basically stress-free, in happiness. Whats good for people, is love and joy. What is bad for people, is greed, and hunger.

    So yes, I guess I do believe I know what's good for people, even when I don't know them.
  7. Some people would call that arrogance...
  8. Even if it is arrogance, truth is always the truth.
  9. unless its not truth, but you think its truth
  10. So what is the truth of the whole situation then? Maybe it is truth, but you just want to not agree with it, and contradict it.
  11. What makes you think you can run other people's lives better than they can?

    Central planning has been an absolute failure. The US is a great example...
  12. When you really get down to it, what makes your set of beliefs right, and what makes another wrong? Are people from a different culture then yours, wrong?
  13. Do you know how I spend my money, how much I make, what my expenses are, do you know anything about me, or my friends, or my family? Do you know what I've been through, what my education level is, my hobbies and interests, do you even know where I live?

    No, you don't, so what makes you think you can make a decision for me. The answer is, you can't. There are so many people with so many different personalities and personality disorders, etc., that you are not capable of making decisions for a large group of people. In fact, you can't make decisions for people period, because you don't know what their goals and values are. Everyone has value scales, scales of their values. We are all self-interested and we all know whats best for us, and NO ONE else does, and to imply you do is extremely narcissitic.
  14. Did I ever say, I had the power to, or wanted to? Actually I do want to, but I already understand that I can't, I am not God, I don't have the power to completely understand you, and actually influence your life, whatever power men would give me, I would do my best to put out the message, of self-sufficiency, and abolishment of all vanity. For peace, and happiness. And what gives the government the right to make you live in the circumstances in which you live? All revolutions have a point, all revolutions are fueled by ideas. Even if the idea is anarchy.
  15. Truth is the truth, if you can't acknowledge the truth, you are either deceived or self-deceived.
  16. wat is this i dont even

    you lost me, congrats
  17. I don't think the OP is getting his point across very effectively. I think he is arguing for less vanity and individual freedom, he is just not doing a very good job of communicating it.
  18. Yea, what he said.

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