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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by StonedChaos, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. So i was driving home after smokin a joint and gettin a bag O' weed just swag...well nesty swag overpayed swag but shit happenes...

    Well anyways back to the story...

    So im driving home and i was gettin off the highway and there was this car with its brights on so i drove slow and the car passes me and started to speed up and was trying to race me and when i looked over to see who it was a SOCCER MOM IN A MINIVAN!

    I started to laugh cause i was being raced by a mom in a van

    She was also staring at me meanly hardcore

    Any wierd stories from anyone else?
  2. i have a question, is this a....... real life story????:smoking:
  3. Ya it is it happened like 30 min. ago on my way home
  4. Nah I bet you made that up
  5. so did you race her?
  6. you were probally just too stoned, man thats funny, she was probally only trying to pass and thern you sped up, and thats why she had the face.....
    Who Won by the way??? if she did then aleast she did pass you
  7. the speed limit is 40 and we were doing 50 and ya i was keepin up with her and i wouls sometimes look to see if she was looking and i probalby was really stoned but i swear she was lookin at me and it ended up being a tie cause she turned at the light
  8. very suspensful...
  9. Haha wow!

    Oh and I think Buzzwell was hinting at the proper place for this post, hahaahah.
  10. quit making stuff up...
  11. I Swear On Weed It Was True!!!
  12. if it smells, looks, feels, and tastes like bullshit it probably is
  13. i demand an automatic ban for swearing on weed. in no circumstances in life should you swear on weed.

  14. weed is forgiving.....HAHA
  15. I totally believe that.

    That same exact thing happened to my friend, the lady next to him wasn't really racing him but I guess he thought she was... She kept speeding up to him with a nasty ass face. He was looking at her for like 20 seconds and then he crashed into a fence.
  16. LOL :D
  17. my friend just told me a story about how her and her other friend were driving in one of those 4runner suvs with the 8cyl and supercharger in it and out on the freeway this mustang just charges next to her and cuts her off. so this bitch starts racing with the mustang and my other friend looks over and notices that the car has cop lights on the top. she starts freaking out and was trying to tell her friend shes racing a cop. funny thing is the cop was also getting into the race. i really think the other cop thought the 4runner was a private cop car.

  18. probably had a real crime to go help stop...hopefully

  19. when did smoking weed become a religion? i dont want it i just want to smoke my bong without feeling im being judged by some mystical force deciding what i do forever.

    one more cap? ok:smoking:

    : oh and you should have filmed it.
  20. reminds me of the time I was cruisin down the freway, look over, and there's this white minivan w/ the liscence plate "PQT 420"

    took a pic of it, but then the phone went in the river of course....

    ah, and she was a soccer-mom (hence the connection).

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